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6 Week Old Stats ... What's Your Baby's ??? Lock Rss

Just wondering what everyones babies are weighing in at 6 weeks.

I have a little Plum Puddin on my hands ... a very hungry little fella (breastfed) smile Likes his tucker !!! That must be why I feel like a milk truck !!!

As my DS2 weighed in at 6kg at six weeks compared to 4045g at birth ... whopping 2kg weight gain, I couldn't believe it !!!

He's a healthy little bundle, and looks like a real little compact unit !!! So chubby and cute.

He also measured 60cm compared to 53cm at birth.

Soooo much bigger than my first little man.

He is starting to fit into some 00 clothes already !!!
Hi Kirstie,
Wow you do have a big boy hehe.
My daughter is almost 14 weeks,and i had her weighed at 12 weeks and she was 6kg and 60cms hehe so your little man is half my girls age and they weigh the same and same length smile

I thought she was a big girl,she is chubby,but hey at least they are healthy smile

Oh when she was around your DS age -5 weeks she was 4.77kg,and 7 weeks she was 5.35kg.
450 grams at birth, H/C 20cm, 31cm length
854 grams at 6 weeks

10kg at 3.5 years old.

Mum to Brooke 23.2 weeks, 450 grams now 3.5 yrs

Hi my little man is also a little budha!! he loves nothing more than his bottle and was so hungry we had to put him on formula to fill him a little more... he also weighed in at 6.4 kilos at 6 weeks and was born at just over 3 kilos.... one week he gained 500 grams! However he is 9 weeks now and is starting to slow down, only gaining between 100 and 200 grams a week which is what they say is "normal" i am not at all concerned by his weight and know that if he falls ill he will have some weight behind him.
just got my DS weighed today... he is 5 and a half weeks and weighs 4.9kg and is 56.5cm long. His birth weight was 3.94kg.
dd 7wks old
length 59cm
weight 5.126
head 38cm
big girl lol already in 000

micheal 4 years old racheal 2-5yrs

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