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Cradle Cap???? Lock Rss

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hey my 9 week DS had just started gettin git... i dont think u can prevent it fully.. but u can help by rinsing there head in freash clean water.. (as most ppl put the stuff in the bath which stays on there head... and just moisture.. i think its just real bad dryness... my both kids got it... even my 2 yr old gets it from certain shampoos.......

im not much help, but thats all i know.. just rinse it well and moisture

Shelley, NSW, Breanna 19/11/04, Lachlan 5/01/07

Cradle cap is crusty dry patches on a childs head, and can even form around their eye brows. My second son, who is just 5 weeks hasn't got it bad, but after a wash he has dry patches through his head- it doesn't hurt to pick them off and get rid off them, well he doesn't complain when i do, and they clear up- i rubbed QV lotion on his head after, and then rinsed with fresh water, just to take the grease out of his hair. A friend mentined to me the other day that oat meal is a very good healing agent and there are products you can get with oatmeal in them to put in the bath to heal the cradle cap, havn't tried them or looked into getting any, but if my son gets it bad i'll chck for some, and let you know wether they work:)

Hope i've helped


Mummy to William-5/04/05 and Harrison-9/02/07

Hi Akeira-Lea - my eldest daughter Arianna got cradle cap really badly! Even now I am still removing small patches that has been covered by hair. Apparently children who have lots of hair when they are born don't get it as bad! Arianna was a real baldy and even after we removed it all first time around it came back again! The best thing to use is Olive Oil - it isn't good for there hair when they do have it as it looks really greasy - but I used to rub it on after their night bath and let them sleep on it and rub it off in the morning - came off really easily! So far our latest addition Reagan hasn't had any - but she also has a full crop of hair! So fingers crossed she doesn't! lol

Arianna, Reagan & Oakley


I found that using the J&J baby shampoo kept it away. When I got slack and didn't wash his hair with it for a few days he started to get cradle cap.

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