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24 weekers Rss

I have had a 24 week baby boy and we have been in the neonatal unit now for 7 months is there any one else out there like us?
7 months is a long time! If you dont mind me asking, why was your son premmie? My DD was born at 28 weeks, and spent 4 months in Hospital before we got her home. So she wasnt in Hospital as long as your son has been....but I know how it feels.
Eventually we got her home. But I had days (or weeks) where it just felt like she'd been in Hospital forever, and I was doubting if we'd ever actually get her home.
Good luck, and just remeber you will get him home.

Wow isnt amazing how early babies can be born these days although it must be stressful for you after 7mths. I thought the ob was nuts when he said our baby dd was going to be born at 29wks. I think you are doing an amazing job. I thought it was bad enough being at the neonatal Unit for 2mths it was driving us nuts we didnt a lot of say in some of her cares. We only found out that we were able to take her home 2 days before. I hope your bubs is doing well. Make sure you get lots of support when you need and I hope you get to take yours home very soon. We are only a few months of our dd turning 2 its been a long road but its been so worth it. Much harder now with a newborn but I celebrate every milestone she makes because its good to think on the positive side than the negative. Good luck to you and your family
OMG. great big hugs to you and your family. We had a 29 weeker with IUGR so he was born 820gm (prob huge in comparison to your little man). We only spent 9 weeks in the NICU but it was the worst 9 weeks of my life!

There were 2 boys in the NICU at the time who had both been there for 7 months. One was discharged the day before our DS and I have seen him out around town with the family. They are all doing really well and are so glad to be out of there. But having said that they are glad he was in the NICU for so long otherwise he wouldn't be with them today.

I hope your hospital journey comes to an end soon and that you are able to take your precious little boy home with you. hugs and best wishes.
Wow big hugs to you EM0171. My little guy is a surviving twin and spent just a few weeks in hospital and I know how much that took out of us.

My girlfriend is in for a long haul like you, she gave birth last Tuesday to a 25/26weeker due to her developing double pnuemonia.
Little Danika is only 563grms and fighting for her dear little life but doctors have given her an 80% chance.

My g/f has been told that Danika may just make it out for Xmas.

Hope your little boy is doing well... and home soon.

Luke & ~Rhiarna~ 13.05.04 & Ryan 26.03.07

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