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Has anone heard more... Lock Rss

I can't remember the member's name who posted about her neice I think that was born at 23 weeks. She posted the facebook pics etc.

Has anyone heard how she is now? Did she make it? Is she home from hospital yet? I've been thinking about he alot lately and can't seem to find the original post.
Not sure if this was me you were talking about. I posted a few months back when my niece was about to be, and then was, born 15 weeks early. Lily is now about 15 weeks old and all going well is due to come home in hopefully the next week or so. She has just been such a little fighter and has overcome every hurdle with flying colours, including an operation to close a hole near her heart (not exactly sure on where/what - i know it affected her breathing).

Was a very anxious first month or so, as most of you in this section will understand, but she has just astounded us with her strength and has everyone completely in love with her.

If it wasnt me you were thinking of, then.....???

Wishing all you mums/dads/families of premmies all the love and strength you need to get thru this hard start to life and all the best for the years to come.

Yeah it was you. Thanks for the update. So good to hear she is doing well and will be home soon.
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