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tired of people saying "oh she's so tiny!!" Lock Rss

My baby girl (Zara) was born at 38+3 but has Downs Syndrome so she was only 4lbs 14oz at birth. She's only about 6lbs 8oz now and I'm constantly being stopped in the street by ppl asking how old she is and if she was premie.
I appreciate that ppl are excited by babies but i'm tired of hearing the same thing everytime i take her out.

I've tried putting her in a baby sling but ppl still stop me to ask about her, anyone have any similar stories?
Opposite problem for me, my daughter was 10lb 3 at birth and people kept saying 'she's so big'. All I could do was say yes. People are really interested in babies, especially when they are new. I would try not to be annoyed by it, I guess it is bred into us so that we automatically look after tiny babies!! I often said that it was lucky my daughter was so cute or she'd be out with the rubbish laugh
You could always get a t shirt made that says 'yes my baby is small, and???'

DD was 45cm and 5.14 pound born, she's now 7.2kg and 7.5mths old and I STILL get comments like that.

Moral of the story, you're gonna have to get used to it because you'll probably get ALOT more. lol

(Noddy's not fat ffs!)

I had the opposite. But really, life is about interacting with others. Of course peole will say these things. Could you imagine a conversation going 'ohhh how sweet, how old is she' you reply, '6 months (or similar)' to get a 'mmm ok, see ya' you would be wondering what the hell was going on. It's natural for people to state the ovious, it's conversational. We need not be so sensitive. smile
Aww I feel for you, but i agree it is something that you will get for a long time, I care for a 5 year old that is only 17.5gs (still fits in a 'baby' 5 point harness seat) where as her 3 year old brother is slightly taller than her and over 18 kgs, I constantly get oh are they twins? I love to see peoples faces when i say no they are 2 years apart!!

and on the other hand, my Niece is only 2.5 but looks like 3.5-4 year old (n fits that sized clothes!), we constantly get, which kindy does she go to, oh she doesnt talk much...
unfornatly it is human nature to be curious, but those close to you will get to know your Baby girl for the beautiful girl she is smile hugs

Look i dont think people are doing it to upset you, and if they knew that everyone said the same thing to you then they wouldnt mention it.
Its the same as some pregnant woman dont like being told "wow your belly is small isn't it?" to me it wouldnt bother me because the person saying itn't meaning to upset you.
Just try not to take it to heart as some else mentioned you may have to get use to it as it will probably contine and your just going to get upset everythime you go out.
At the end of the day they are admiring your sweet little girl! Just think of it like that.

Jess 28yrs, 5yr old daughter, 8 month old son and 20 weeks pregnant.

I know how you feel. My son is 6 months old and only weighs 6kg. He looks more like a 2 month old. People always stop me and say he is so small, don't you fead him. It sure does upset me.
Ohh i hated it as well sad My bub was premmi and when i took him out for the first time ppl were gasping in the shoppin centre at how small he was and felt the need to come up and try to have a conversation... ohh and the worst bit was them thinking it was ok to touch him!!!!!!!!!! We had to be so carefull that he didnt get sick and it freaked me out ppl puttin there hands near him. I just started walkin quicker and if someone tried to stop me i just kept going ir said i was in a hurry. I still get comments as well. He is nearly 11 months old and isnt even 8kgs yet.
smile GBH yes it is very frustrating but you did get used to it. My DS was 4lb 11 born and looked exactly like a baby doll and I had so many people comment that they thought I was carrying a doll until he moved, he was walking down town with my dad one day and someone commented how well he could walk, my dad replied "he should be able to, he's 14 months", they were shocked because he was the same size as a 6 months old. He is 4 now and still fits into size 2 pants, DD1 is almost 3 and she's tiny too - she fits into size 1 & some O's whereas DD2 is only just 6 months and is starting to grow out of most of her 00's already, I did have someone tell me they thought she was a doll on the weekend also, I just smiled and went I know, she's beautiful isn't she? Every child grows at a different rate & if anyone comments on how small mine are I just tell them I know but both their father and I were tiny when we were kids and they will grow.


I know how you's all feel, it drives you crazy sometimes. My little girl is 7 months but 3 and half corrected, she was born 15 weeks early and was 2 pound 4 / 1 kg born. Im so sick of people saying oh god she is so tiny or is there something wrong because she is so small. It is annoying and you do feel a little that way sometimes but just have to grin and bear it. You see what your little premmies go through, how much they fight to stay with you, all the tubes, needles, tests and etc and your so proud of them when there slowly growing. Smile ladies we all have ourselves something very precious.
It's become natural to state the obvious. If she's little then people will tell you, because you might not have noticed lol.
I get told how enormous my son is. I know he's a big boy but I honestly didn't realise the difference between him and the 'average' baby until I went to playgroup yesterday. My god my kid is a giant! His head looked huge compared to the others lol, and he was so much taller! No wonder other mothers look at him and say to me "you poor thing, that must've hurt" hahahaha.
If it really gets to you then just say something like "yes, she's that small because I just don't have the time to feed her between my pokie addiction, and making hardcore porn for a living" They'll soon have something else to think about grin wink wink
Have to say I just love the last post tongue People are just trying to connect with you. If you didn't have a baby they might talk about your hang bag or hair, they just state the obvious. Enjoy it, as they grow older the comments get less and so do the instant friendships.
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