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How long was your Prem labour? Lock Rss

My boy was 34w + 1day and labour lasted 2 hours.
My waters broke the day before I went in to labour & I started pushing after an hour. He was born with help of forceps due to foetal distress. I was wondering if all prem births are pretty quick?

I am also currently TTC#2 - after my #1 my midwife said that my next birth was unlikely to be so quick! I was wondering for those with other children - was your second longer? Or faster?
I had my first at 32 + 5, waters broke at 6:00pm and contractions started straight away but they didn't get really bad until 11am the following morning. She was born at 3:00pm, they had tried to prolong the labour though so I am unsure if it would have been the full length if I was full term or not. With my second (38 weeks + 1 day) my waters broke and she was born 1 hour 30 minutes later, 6 minutes after I arrived at the hospital.
my prem was my second. i had ruptured membranes from 24 weeks and when i was 31+3 i started to bleed in the morning, then at 9pm i was in an ambulance getting taken to the next town while having minor contractions, kobey was born at 5:40 the next morning. from my first contraction until he was born was 9 hours.
Hello, My first baby was 2 weeks premmie, 2 1/2 hr labour, second baby was a month early but was a 4 hr labour, he decided to take his time.
my 1s dd was born 33 weeks and labour was 5 hrs 45 mins my 2nd dd was born 35 weeks and labour was 5 hrs so we will see this time around what happens.
DS was born at 33+4, waters broke at 6am and he was born at 9. Will see what happens this time

Thank you all for your replies. Most people think I was lucky to have such a short labour - but I would have gladly swapped it for a longer one with a normal, term baby (which I was mentally prepared for!).

Everything seemed backwards in my labour, the contractions started suddenly, quite intense and were very close (only seconds apart), but as they got even stronger they spaced out, so I had 30-40 seconds or so in-between. It was quite a scary feeling - almost like drowning - as I felt I couldn't catch my breath or recover before the next one hit. What got me through was thinking that this must be transition as they are so close. It was a relief to push!

For my next one, if it went any quicker, I worry I would not make it to hospital. Especially if it hits suddenly like last time - as I was unable to move with contractions being only seconds apart. But it sounds as though it may not go quicker, especially if bubs stays in longer & my waters don't break early!
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