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So lonely Lock Rss

Does anyone else feel so lonley and like there going crazy because there onyl conversations are with a new born baby.

Im 20 years old with a 3 mth girl. My husband works almost 70 hours a week and never see him. All our friends retreated when they found out we were pregnant. Which I found pathetic.

I tried looking for mothers groups but was frowned upon when a 20 year old mother walked in with a baby. Little do they no im not some young thing that got knocked up, im married, own my own home and planned this child.

Im looking for some sought of mothers group for young mothers, does anyone know of any? Or even just somwhere I can get in contact with someone in a similar situation just to talk to and keep me sain.

Sam, QLD, Ava 11.08.2005, Michala 11.01.2007

hi avas mum,
i cant direct you to any mothers groups as i live in NZ! but i do know how you feel when you say you are 'frowned upon' for being young. im 17 and i get those crazy stares all the time!! im not married, but me and my partner talked about the 'what ifs' if we got pregnant, and decided that if it did happen we would be over the moon! now we have a beautiful son who we love to peices, we wouldnt change a thing!!
i also dont hear from alot of my friends. basically i have 2 best friend who just had a baby also, and my other best friend who i have known since we were little...all the rest from school kinda ditched us as we couldnt party or do the things we used to do anymore with them.
its just hard when people dont know your situation, i didnt just go bonk some guy and accidentaly got pregnant either!!
if you wanna chat my msn/e-mail is [email protected]
hope to hear from you soon!! keep your chin up, things will get better!
You're not alone m'dear. We're all here smile
Where abouts in QLD are you?
Hi there, my name is Amanda and i have a 3 week old baby girl, I'm 21 years old and live in Mount Isa, i must say that i have not had any negitive results directed at me yet (very lucky) but sure to come in time. I would suggest you contact Centacare in Brisbane as i know they have an office down there and up here they run a young mums club which is for mums 21 and under, they meet once a fortnight and have coffee, chat and also offer addvice if needed, could be what your looking for. I have been lucky in that I'm also married and people new how much trouble we had trying to have a baby (a series of miscarriages and then Two serious pregnancy related medical conditions when i got pregnant)and so most of our freinds have been quite suppotive, i was hospitalized in Townsville for the last 3 months and our Friends and neibours looked after our 4 horses,3 dogs, 4 cats and one chook, as well as mowing lawns and watering gardens while we were away, owe them heaps of favours now could never pay them back, Janet is my first bub and i must say i was worried because i have always worked full time (in the mines) right through until we went on holidays and then they discovered my illness and was dreading sitting at home with nothing to do, i have joined up with a local Quilting club and although i have never sewed anything before its great as i get out and meet people and do some thing constructive as well, Maybe you should try something like that as a hobbie there should be plenty of groups in Brisy supprisingly most of the woman in the group are young to so don't be put off by the age factor. Good Luck amanda & Janet
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