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ditzy brain!! Lock Rss

Gee i thought i couldnt get any ditzier than I was when I was pregnant yet i have managed it. I just realised that I had my daughters birthdate wrong in my profile info. My memory is shocking too, never was before?

Does it all return to normal eventually?? or am I doomed to a life of funny stares from family and friends!!!!
hey!! i know how you feel i had such a mental day yesterday!! we went to the parent and child show with my older sis who has twin almost 3 girls, and they were being so naughty, and after telling them off for a while, we decided it was halarious and people were staring at us, lol! ooh it was funny. as i said, her girls are almost 3 and she still recons she has a 'nappy brain'!! hmmm
I know what you mean. Sometimes you have to think real slow about simple things, like those parts of your brain have been dormant and need to be woken up first. I had a terrilbe memory before so I am doomed from the outset smile. A friend of mine reckons you keep the "baby brain". I just hope it doesn't get progressively worse the more children you have smile LOL
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