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Venturing Out with Newborn Lock Rss

Hi There

Just wondering at what stage did people start venturing out with there new bubs? We walked to the shops (5 mins) with our 2wk old in the pram and did some shopping but he only lasted about 1hr then started screaming (not grizzling). He was fed and changed before we left. Also, tried again the other day but drove to shops then put bub in pram, all went well but after putting back in car seat then getting home, taking out of car seat and putting in cot he went nuts. Couldn't settle him. Has anyone had similar problems?
Is it just early days and it will take some time or are there some tricks i need to know?
Bub seems better in the capsule - the other day we got home and i left him there and he slept for his normal period.

Stewie 07
It is early days so once bubs gets a routine it becomes easier (and I dont mean your routine...DS feeding/sleeping routine that he will develop).

Maybe you could try a sling. My DD loves her sling...sleeps in it and half the time you would barely know she was in it. I was able to take her out of car seat, into sling, walk around shops, back in car seat...without waking her. Now she is bigger, I normally wake her accidently as it is just more awkward to get her in and out, but she still loves shopping in the sling, but now faces outwards, watching the world.

At 2 weeks it is possible he wants a feed every 2 hours and sleep after being awake for only 1 hour. So if he doesn't sleep while you are out, then this would make him upset and he can't settle himself and the screams will come. Finding out how best he sleeps whilst out would be my number one priority. I know if I am going out for a long time, I always have my sling so DD can have a sleep...she wont sleep in the pram at all. I try not to go out all day long otherwise I have major arsenic hour(s) when I get home as she is just sooo overtired. She needs a lot more settling from mum on these days then normal where she is able to settle herself. Sometimes revert to rocking her to sleepy (not asleep) before I put her in the cot and I talk to her calmly to unwind her from the busy day.

Just a note on the capsule...they aren't designed to allow babies to sleep in them for long periods. I have been told 2hours in them max at a time...if you need them in longer they need to come out be stretched out a little and lay flat then go back in. Because of the curve of the capsule and baby's back still developing, it can put a curve in the spine. So while they might find it comfy to sleep in, too long a period can do some damage. Just be careful!

good luck!
Yeah, perhaps try a baby carrier or sling so they feel more secure. The first time we took our bubs out, we planned it so we had a bit of time so as not to rush between feeds. Shopping centres are great because you can always base yourself near the parents room...

When my DS was 5 days old we went on our very first shopping trip to westfields Parramatta. Lots of fun and laughs.
He was only 2.77kg born and was very tiny in a big pram that I could not lay down, we went into Myer and asked in the baby section, the shop assistant helped me and had a lovely chuckle about a tiny tiny baby sitting up in the pram as his silly mum couldn't change it for him to lay down.
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