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Natural vs C-Section and bonding? Lock Rss

Do you think it makes a difference? I had Ceaser. I mean, I love my DD to bits but I do think it took me a little while and I look at other people I know who had a natural birth and they seem to be madly in love from day one. I think it took me a while to get fully attached if you know what I mean. But my DD was also in SCN for about the first 24hours so that may have something to do with it too.

What are you're thoughts?

Anyone out there who's had both?
I never actually thought of it much until now cause I love both my sons to bits ... but I think I have to agree.

I had my first son natural and second by c-section. I do think it took a little longer (probably a day or so) to feel that overwhelming love with the second. With my first it was instantaneous.
it does make a difference having your baby by c-section.i had pre-eclampsia and complacation from the blood presure medication.
my baby was born 4 weeks early & went straight into special care in a crib . so it was 24 hours until i could see him, then through lack of communication fron the midwives it was day 3 before i had a proper hold. and that only occured after i had a melt down.
for weeks i felt like i had missed something and it was hard to explain to my partner. one minute there was no baby & then after no real effort there was this baby that was mine. i couldn't connect.
this upset me no end.
now i love him to bits , but some days i look at him & think are sure i had him.

Kath, QLD,

I gave birth to my first child, a baby boy on 23 September, after 12 hours of labour i ended up having a C-Section. It took me a few days to actually realise he is my son and that he will be with me 24/7 and i cant hand him back to someone. So i guess it took me a while to bond, i just couldnt believe he was mine. But he is now 10 weeks old and i just love showing him off and am a proud mum!

Michelle, SA, baby boy

i found that after a c section i found it really hard to bond with my son and i didnt really understand why i wasnt bonding with him but my partner was. its now been 4 weeks and i have really bonded with him now but it has taken that long for it to happen. i had a really difficult labour though
I think that doesnt matter if you had your natural or c- section and I think that for some mums it takes for while to have a bond if they have had some problems with the labour but you love your children to bits even if they do drive us mad.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

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