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Difficulties after delivery Lock Rss

Just wondering if anyone has had the same problem as me after delivery.

After giving birth to my second child I was unable to pass urine even though I had a strong urge to do so, it wasn't because I was scared of pain because of perineum stitches but because I was physically unable to. After 4 hours of pain and no luck of relieving myself I had to be catheterised with much relief.

2000mls were drained and was told by the midwife that the bladder should only hold 500mls maximum. I had to wear a catheter for 10 days to let my bladder heal before going to a urologist for tests. Thankfully I didn't have to have it again.

They seem to think that my bladder had suffered from some trauma during the delivery???

I haven't had any problems since but I would like to talk to some-one who has experienced the same problem.

hey selene, i had a very similar problem. I had to wear a catheder for a month. I too had the urge and was afraid of the pain at first i thought that it was more psychological cause i knew it would hurt because of the stitches but they put it down to the baby's head resting on the bladder for awhile and it being bruised and swollen. Within the first two weeks it was taken out a few times to see if i was able to pass urine but still nothing, all i was left with was an infection because of it been taken out afew times so they left it for a couple of weeks. a month later i was finally able to go. That is one thing i never want to go through again! I hated the cathader been taking out and out back in again especially because i was still so sore.

Thankfully i havent had any probelms after which is great. My last appt with the Urologist showed there was nothing wrong and everything had healed, was so relieved it was all over!

2 yrs

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