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going back to work Lock Rss

I want to go back to work but i don't want to miss my first baby and his growing up.
Is there a way i can work at home?

tash,qld,1st baby

HI Tash,
I'm very lucky as I'm a teacher and we have very good maternity leave terms. I found it necessary for my own sanity to return to work but have plenty of friends who gave up once their babies arrived. I went back to work part-time (3 days) when my oldest was 6mths old. It helped that I put her in family day care with a carer who was recommended by a trusted friend at work. When she was 18mths old I worked full time for 11wks before I had to go on maternity leave again. Since then she has attended care 4 days a week even though I'm on leave still as it allows her routine to continue & lets me have time alone with our second (thank God as #2 has reflux and I would have gone completely insane with a toddler at home too).
I'm about to work 2 full weeks before I have my last 2 weeks off & then return 2 days a week from mid Oct through to mid Dec. I'll be then returning to work at the end of Jan for 3 days as week as I did the first time round. I have yet to decide whether I'll do 3 days the following year too but I'll make my decision later. This means that next year my girls will be together for 5 days of the week so they can develop their bond (Mon/Tues in care together & Fri/Sat/Sun at home - Wed & Thurs are our juggling days). It's a lot of juggling but my husband is very supportive and our eldest's pre-school is behind his work, he'll take her there on Wed/Thurs for me.
No doubt you'll come to a decision about work that suits your lifestyle and levels of sanity. Maybe you'll even come upon a great timesaving idea for us busy mums.
Best of luck,

Peta, NSW, mum of 2 gorgeous girls


Not that there is anything wrong with working at home, but sometimes having a job can be a break from home. Well for me anyway. My daughter was only ever looked after by family but mostly hubby. I only ever worked 3 days of 5hrs from about her being 4mths. Everyone is different but i want to go back to work for a break not the money.

I think it is also good to know you can leave them and they won't get upset.

Sorry i had no help for your actual question!

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

i too am struggling with the idea of going back to work - i am due to go back soon but do not know what to do

Can anyone help?
I'm coming from a slightly different angle, I think. Last year I had a 40-hr/week job, which I turned in when I was 8 months pregnant. I also taught music on Saturday mornings for 3-4 hours. That has just started again and my daughter is now 7 weeks. I'm not away from her for long and when I am, my hubby can look after her. I'm also expressing for those times (I started giving her express feeds 1/day from 2 weeks old, so I would be able to do that), which means that hubby can feed her when I'm out but I maintain the bonding time when she needs feeds when I'm with her. It feels a bit strange, being away from her, I wouldn't be able to leave her if she wasn't with her dad, tho.
im going to be going back to work but only as a casual only because we realy need the money. ill only be working 3 days a week and from anywere in between 4-8hrs a day. during these times i have my mum and my mother in law to look after my children for me. i think its the best think for me for now so when i wana look for a full time job it will be more easier for me. but that'll be in like 2 yrs. i have a 4mth old now but shes a good baby and a 18mth old.

Salwa, 2 girls, sydney

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