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C-section and ab work Lock Rss


It has been 11 weeks since my c-section and since I have been feeling good and have had no pain for weeks I started exercising last week for the first time. I got no pain with doing the class but I left before the abs strenghtening track cause I have no idea if it is safe to do sit-ups and abdominal strenghening work so soon after a c-section ... does anyone know the guidelines?


Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

hi there i had a c-section 6 months ago and was told that (by a physo) that i could start doing ab exercires (light only)as and when i feltstrong anef to do so so as long u havent had any major probs u could start light exercires i hope this helps

my little boy is a moster

Hi Jo
u can start with laying on the floor and keeping your head and shoulders on the floor, but just bring ur knees up, but ur legs have to be bent to start with, dont bring them up from flat on the floor, ( do u get what i mean??) feet flat on the floor knees bent
after about 1 - 2 weeks of that , doing it everyday, you can go to normal sit ups where u bring ur chin to ur chest.
and 12wks after is when you can start this, but not before 12weeks as its still healing (as you know)

i hope this helps u.
i've had 2 ceasers, ive got 5 weeks b4 i can start doing sits up, and im counting the days, cause ive got one floppy belly. LOL

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