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No More Maternity Bra??? Lock Rss

Hi All

My little daughter Jacinta is now 3mths old and I have recently stopped breastfeeding.

Im working towards loosing around 10kg but as my breasts already no longer resemble thier former selves Im not sure whether I should get fitted now for new bras or hang in there for a bit longer with the maternity ones.

Any suggestions?????????

Jacinta, 3mths

Go and get fitted I say - I felt great when I did, like a new woman!! For me it was great to get some "lift" back again. Maybe just get yourself a couple of new good fitting bras now and then when you lose the weight that you want to lose you can get more.

Mummy to Joe and Maggie

Hi Rockangel1,

I think it depends on your financial situation if you can afford new bras now and later go for it. But if that will stretch the budget a bit wait a bit longer.
I have lost 7kgs (so far) since I stopped breatfeeding and all of the wieght so far has come off my chest and waist, so my boobs are now a cup size smaller than before I fell pregnant.
They were a C before, D when pregnant, DD with milk and and now down to a B. I stuck with my pre pregnancy bras after I stopped breastfeeding but they looked so silly now they are too big that I went out and bought some new ones on sale last week with a gift voucher I was given for Xmas.
Target has some really nice ones on special at the moment.
I wish I had a photo of those DD boobies they looked good on me. Ha Ha.

Min, NSW, Charlotte 30/8/05

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