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anyone have a epesiotomy? Lock Rss

I had my daughter 5 1/2 weeks ago and she was 4kgs with a large head, unfortuatley i was only on gas throughout my 16 hr labour and was exhausted to push her out and the vacum needed to be used.

I was also given a episiotomy as she was large.
For some reason when i asked my obstetrician how many stitches i had she said 1, but she never told me how many internal ones i had.
(im assuming a few as she was there for a while).

i would just like to ask if anyone had a episiotimy or alot of internal stitches and how long until they healed and all went back to normal?
I also had episiotomy after a very hard labour and forceps delivery. My vagina was so swollen that i had to put ice on it. At 6 weeks i almost felt good but was still scared to sleep with hubby as i was too scared that it will open up the stitches and my baby is 16 weeks now but sometimes i still feel tender down there. But i think everything is back to normal now. i had epidural so i didn't really feel any pain which was a big help. When my doctor said i'm going to cut you now i just said "yeah go for it" as i was so tired that i just want my baby to come out. had some complications after the delivery but that's a different story.

Anyway, i'm glad that it's all over now. I'm just scared for the next one as i don't know how it would feel without epidural and just gas. It must have felt like hell.

Migzy & AJ''s mum

I too had a monster bub....9lb 14oz with 40.5 cm head!!!!! Labour went for nearly 24 hours all up. I was cut TWICE and tore aswell!! I had a lot of stitches inside and out. Doc couldn't tell me how many I got as he was do a continuous where they don't actually cut and tie each one.
When I left hospital one of the midwives told me if I could to have sex BEFORE my 6 week check up so if anything wasn't right I could talk to the doc about it. I was so scared!!! My husband couldn't wait! Amazingly we did actually do the deed at 5 weeks. It did hurt a little but hubby was really good and took things slow and made sure I was relaxed.
Now 5months down the track I'm still a bit tender but no-where near as bad. I still have to really relax but it's all pretty much ok and getting better each time. smile

i too had to have an episiotomy and i also had a tear as my daughter was born posterior.
it took the doctor about 1.5 hours to stich me up and i lost alot of blood i was borderline to having a transfusion.
i was fully healed after about 6 months, but things in the bedroom were still uncomfortable until about 7 months.
i had to visit the gp every week and get dry iced internally as i wasn't healing properly.
however with my second child i had a 3rd degree tear and it didnt bother me at all, i was fully healed in 4 weeks.


Freaked2002, 3 girls 07/03 09/05 & 06/07

i had one also. luckily i too had the epidural so i didnt feel much of it. they cut me and then i tore the rest. i had 6 stitches (1 internal and 5 external). I still havent healed, almost 5 months down the track, and i have to have an operation to fix it, which i am dreading!! i obviously havent had sex again yet, which sucks big time!also i still cant go toilet either way properly still. im soo nervous about the next bub, i really dont want to go through this again.
i had an episiotomy after having a 10lb 1oz baby with a 39cm head but i'm not sure how many stitches i had coz i didnt ask (was kinda still under the influence of the but we resumed sex after only 10 days after having our baby. it didnt hurt or wasnt uncomfortable at all although generally speaking i am sometimes a little sore down there and am still bleeding after the birth. but i'm worried if i've done any damage down there. we are still having sex at 19 days after having our baby boy and still feels ok. should we stop until the 6 week check up to make sure things are really ok down there?
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