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too much weight loss from stress? Lock Rss

HI Everyone

I gave birth 15 weeks ago, and i lost all the weight i put on (10 kilos) in the first week postpartum. Dont get me wrong i was quite happy about this, but i have now lost another 5 kilos and im not sure why. I only excercise for 20 or 30 mins a day ( take baby for a walk) and im not dieting. Im starting to look like Victoria Beckham! Has this happened to any one else? Im thinking maybe i am too stressed
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Hi Lara

A friend of mine had the opposite problem - no matter how much she excercised or how well she ate she just couldn't lose any weight. She went to see her GP who did a blood test and discovered that her thyroid was over-active, apparently it is quite a common condition especially soon after giving birth. So I don't know if your thyroid was under active you would lose weight - but it's probably worth a trip to the doctor just to pinpoint the problem.

All the best
Hi Lovely Lara,

This happened to me after the birth of my daughter 3 years ago. Before I had her i was a healthy size 12 & after the birth i was reduced to a size 8!!!!! I lost my tummy within hours of giving birth. The only excercise i was doing was walking & I was definitley not dieting!! My health nurse & doctor put it down to breast feeding. Georgia was feeding quite a lot early on, sometimes every 2 hours!! She was taking all my "goodness". Some women would love to loose all this weight, but it becomes quite a drag because everyone comments on it & you start to look "terrible" & nothing fits you. It eventually plateaud & towards the end of my breastfeeding(I stopped at 9 months) i started to put it back on & was a size 10 until i fell pregnant again with my son(he is now 1). Anyway, keep your chin up & make sure you eat healthy & i'm sure it will turn around for you soon. Good luck.

Michelle - Mum to 2

Thanks everyone who replied to me. The problem is that im not breastfeeding, thats why i was worried. I am just putting it down to stress though, because i am not eating differently or excercising more. I guess as things get easier with bub(she has silent reflux) i will put the weight back on.
Hi Lovely Lara

Just wondering how you are going with the weight loss. I had my daughter on 13 May and have lost 18kgs since giving birth to her and I am not breastfeeding either. The Dr has put it down to an iron deficiency as I don't seem to be able to eat at all.

I hope things have settled down with you. People are beginning to think I have a bigger problem cause I just can't eat at all.


S Brooks, Hobart

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