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How Long in Hospital? Lock Rss

How long can one expect to be in hospital after giving birth? Do they try and kick you out as soon as they can?


Hi Tarns,

It all depends on a few things....firstly if you are public they will probably kick you out after a day or two!! I was private & i stayed 6 days the first baby & 5 days the second. Also it may depend on your health & the babys. I believe you can ask to go home & if all is well then they will let you. I reckon your better off in there & have a good rest & ask as many questions as possible, before you have to face it on your own!!!

Good luck. When are you due??

Michelle - Mum to 2

Thanks Michy

I agree - would like to stay a couple of days so I feel comfortable taking bubs home but I keep hearing stories about how hospitals (public) try and push you out the door with hardly a breather!

Due 27th August - only 11wks to go! smile



Where I live, you normally stay for around 3 nights if natural and 4 or 5 nights with a c-section. Though I am guessing it all depends on when you feel ready to go home or any problems that might arise. With my first, I stayed 5 nights and they kept asking me whether I wonted to stay another night, but after 5 nights I just wonted to take my baby home. With Number 2 I am going to stay the full 5 nights even though I know what is happening, enjoy the rest before going home to a near 3 year old toddler running around the house. In the long run it is up to you and how comfortable you feel about taking a new born baby home. By the way, I am a public patient.

(Only 4 more days till I meet my little one!)
I was supposed to stay in 5 days cos I had a caeser - the hospital was driving me nuts so i begged to go home after three days and they let me cos they were desparate for the bed - and we were doing fine.
One thing they seem to be really strict on is the breastfeeding if you aren't getting the hang of it they keep you in a little longer until you get it down pat.

Good luck smile

Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

It depends on whether you live in the city or country. I stayed 4 nights in our country hospital after having Jack and they wanted me to stay longer. Everyone I know who has stayed there was told the same as me- you can stay as long as you like! Most people just want to get home though! City hospitals tend to push you out fairly quickly, as was the case of my SIL who after an emergancy c-section threw her out after 3 days-nice!

mum of 1

Hi Tarns
Here in NZ you are allowed to stay in hospital for 3 days after birth ... but if you are having problems with breastfeeding or you or your baby are unwell, they will keep you in longer.

I was in hospital for 7 days - 5 of these days was in a public hospital (Middlemore, Auckland) because my baby was Jaundice and for the other 2 days I went to a maternity hospital (Botany) so they could help me sort out the troubles I was having with breastfeeding.

Just talk to your midwife or doctor and see how you feel about going home and when. Make sure you are as ready as you can be - don't let them kick you out before you are ready!

Good luck and all the best for the rest of your pregnancy. smile

Debs, NZ, Mum to Rory born 19/01/04

Standard in NZ is 3 days for natural birth and 5 for C-section. They will keep you in for longer if there is a medical reason (I was in for 4 days as I lost 1.2 litres of blood after a vaginal birth, and they wanted to monitor things after receiving 2 units of replacement blood). They will also keep you in for longer if problems with breastfeeding. If you aren't confident with breastfeeding let them know! Often women go home early as the hospital doesn't realise they are having difficulties.

Rachelle, NZ, son George 10.12.02, Ian 15.06.04

Where I was you could stay as long as you wanted. I went home after 2 days by my own choice cause I missed home. The hospital though was actually trying to encourage some mums to stay longer if they didn't think they were ready for home. From my experience I think it is a bit of a myth that hospitals try and kick you out as soon as possible.

Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

it depends on your recovery& the babys health . i stayed 7 days with no1 &2 & 10 days with no3 as i had c sections &with the 3rd had complications . all the best yuou probably have hads the bub now what was iit & how long did u end up staying in hospital?

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

First time i was in 4 days, they wanted me to stay longer becuse i had lost soo much blood, second time was 3 days, same as first (wanted me to stay longer) , 3rd day was 1 day and same thing, but all 3 times were happy to let me go home and ave the midwives check up on me either in person or by phone. .

Sharon, 24, Qld, 2 boys 3 & 5, girl 1.

Hi tarns

i had my baby in a public hospital and stayed 5 days before i decided to leave. the midwives at the hospital told me to take as long as i needed

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