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curette after birth Lock Rss

Hi - has anyone had to have a curette after their bub's been born? I had to have one about 5 weeks after the birth as the bleeding didnt slow down at all, and I was getting heaps of clots. After I had it, the bleeding slowed, and eventually stopped for a day or so, then I got my periods, which has lasted about 2 weeks so far..... just wanting to know if anyone has experienced this? or similar... I want the bleeding to stop!

Nicki''s Mum, NSW

hey annette i have never herd off it so i cant say i have had it doen but truely i feel for u!

karen,NSW, mummy to Caitlin Born 14 weeks early

Hi Annette

I know how you feel, on the 14th of June, just 3 and a 1/2 weeks after having my baby daughter, I was put into hospital for a day and had a curette, I too was bleeding heaps and losing clots of blood, which scared me, cause with my first I didn't have this problem. My bleeding is now starting to slow down, and as the doctor said, it should stop after a day or so. I can't help with the periods, cause mine was only recently done, but can keep you updated if you wont to see how I go, though that isn't really going to help you cause you wont help on your period question now not later.

Hope all goes well and hope the bleeding stops soon.

I have one question for you though, did you have a c-section or natural birth. Got told by the doctor that this is common with c-sections and am curious.


Hi Heather

I soon went on the pill and now am back to normal.

I actually had a natural birth. My doc said that 1 in 100 women have to have curettes after delivery... not common at all. one of the lucky ones!! he also said that the fact that I have had one, it will probably happen with each child that I give birth to in the future.

Nicki''s Mum, NSW

I had my daughter on the 27th of June at my six wk check up I was still bleeding heaps had heaps of huge clots with tissue in them, also tissue coming out by itself, my doc sent me to the hospital 7 wks after the birth for a curette and the hospital wouldn't do it so I bled for another 2wks, went to another doc for a second opinion she told me give it another wk if the bleeding hasn't stopped by 10 wks go back to the hospital for a curette thankfully the bleeding did stop by 10wks but the tissue was still coming out for another 3wks and then i got my period after that for about 9days all because the doctor who delivered my daughter didn't remove all the placenta, and i have had 2 viruses since going back to the hospital for intrvenus antibiotics for the infection I got from not having a curette done when my doc refered me to have it done. I know exactly how you feel and don't worry the bleeding does stop eventually. Goodluck.

Coleen, QLD, baby girl

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