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Tears and Troubles - Stitches Fall Out Anyone? Rss


I just found a stitch on my maternity pad and am a little concerned as i thought they were meant to dissolve not come out? Anyone had this happen?

I feel like its taking forever to heal but its still been under a week since labour how long till the pain goes away sad Its so hard to walk around and the thought of going to the toilet makes me want to cry!

It looks like im bleeding from up near the urethra, I guess their is a tear nearby. Im not sure if the bleeding is getting lighter. How long do you bleed for??

I just feel like im falling apart, with this and two huge haemorrhoids and my teeth keep breaking sad Does anyone have any advice?

Jess, Sydney

I never had any trouble with stitches falling out - you might want to get this looked at because they are meant to dissolve.

Give it a bit more time. I'd say it took me a good three weeks before I could stand, walk, sit properly without it hurting. I used to cry everytime I had a shower because it hurt to stand that long. The toilet thing is scary (and painful) but please remember it does get better. You are still in the early days. My doc told me alot of the pain I was feeling was child birth - not necessarily because I had a tear.

Re the bleeding, I bled for about 5 weeks, not heavy the whole time but i'd say the first 2 weeks were quite heavy.

Hang in there, i promise you it will get better soon.

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