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whats different bout your body now? Lock Rss

Gday all parents n parents to be.
What changes have you noticed about your body after birth?

Bris, Bubby Breannah 22.04.04 n Patrick 17.01.06

my hips are wider, my boobs are saggy, and i have lost my nice shaped bum. my rib cage is a bit rounder aswell. and my ankles are still a bit thicker than before too.

other than that i'm still the same smile

DD 13/11/03 -DD 11.11.05 - DS 17.4.08

Hi Miracles
I have noticed that my breasts are no longer as full and are a bit lower than they used to be!! (Nothing a good bra can't temporarily fix!).
I have about 3 or 4 stretch marks and I have a bit more excess skin around my waist than I used to.
Other than that I am thinner than I was before pregnancy so I definantly can't complain thanks to breastfeeding. Not bad considering I put on 20+ kilograms.
It isn't going to last long though as I am pregnant again and already starting to put on weight and expecting the breasts to end up even further south...


4 lovely munchkins DD 10/03, DD 03/05, DS 10/06 &

Thanks to breastfeeding too I found the weight fell off me. My butt and legs are actually smaller than before and a nicer shape (or so my partner keeps telling me). My boobs are about double their old size and not as perky, but it is cool to have huge boobs for a little while smile Probably the difference that annoys me most is that I still have a small pot belly ... I would love my flat stomach back but then again my bub is only 3 weeks old so that may come.


Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

Thanks for sharing
I thought it would be good to share this info. to know what 1 may expect and to know ur not alone.

Bris, Bubby Breannah 22.04.04 n Patrick 17.01.06

I have a killer cleavage! (for now) gone from a B to a D cup.
uncountable stretchmarks like a belt almost all the way around n on my boobs.
Pot belly, gravity seems to be stronger now, dragging my butt down too. :S
Thicker ankles or was that cankles?
I am so much more emotional that i ever used to be. Meaning that i cud cry over a huggies commercial.
I thought that i would be more tired but i find that i have a lil more energy that pre preggas, i think cos energy creates energy.
Numbness around ceaser scar - Dr says normal
And this incredible new love. Different to how i love my family n friends.

Good to know that not all negative changes. Positve ones too like eventually being thinner. thats great

Bris, Bubby Breannah 22.04.04 n Patrick 17.01.06

Cleavage is definitely there, not sure I like it as tends to get a bit more sweaty. Still have the kangaroo pouch on the front, was just starting to get rid of that when I got pregnant again. Hoping it will go faster this time as wasn't a C-section second time around. Sore back from picking up 2 children at once, and bigger arm muscles from the same thing!

Rachelle, NZ, son George 10.12.02, Ian 15.06.04

saggy baggy boobs & a rounder tummy which was never wash board flat any way! & i did not even breast feed

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

one of my breasts has ended up bigger than the other WHICH I HATE!
And thanks to not breast feeding my weight is TERRIBLE!
Ive lost all the 40kg I put on during my pregnancy but I still have a pot belly and feel like I still look pregant and this is 12 mths later!
I have few stretch marks but theyve faded so much u cant even tell!
My bum is VERY low now and my boobs r low!

Oh the joys of child birth, how could you not love it!

As awful as my body is now I cant wait to have another, isnt that just so ridiculous the way you feel!

Milli Teen Mummy 2 Shantilli Memphius

Hello All,

I have to say that my body is in really good shape after giving birth to baby number 2 just one month ago today!

My hips are curvey, my tummy is flat - ish and apart from a few tiny stretch marks I am pretty much back to 100% normal.

My bust is slightly bigger at the moment especially while I am breastfeeding...

I am lighter now than I was pre second pregnancy, infact I hope not to loose anymore weight while breastfeeding or I'll be too thin. ( I think this is also as a result of chasing my 20 month old daughter all over the place too.)

You have to accept that there is a trade off to the miracle our bodies have created... I'd rather have saggy boobs and 2 gorgeous children, than a taught, tight, terrific body.

Hi Miracles and other terrific mums,

WHAT"S DIFFERENT? EVERYTHING!!! Road maps all over my boobs and one boob visibly bigger than the other. Saggy boobies. My butt is even bigger, butt (ti hi) it was already huge before i had my child. And my belly has turned into jelly. I still have an excess weight of eight kilograms which i hope to lose. Plus the extra ten kilos i already had prior to falling pregnant- making a total of eighteen kilos i need to lose. Wider hips. That's all. I wonder if expressing is the same as straight breastfeeding as far as weight loss is concerned?

Take care all,



My body is pretty much the same except for my boobs-they dissapeared! i suppose my stomach is not as flat as before, but that's probably cos i cant be bothered with sit ups!
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