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After birth pains! Lock Rss

Do these get worse with the more kids you have? I had fairly bad ones with DD#2 and believe it or not this is actually scaring me more than the birth itself lol. Thanks in advance smile
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yep aparently.

but iv'e only had two kids so i don't know what all the fuss is about.
No one told me about the after birth pains. I did not remember having them with Lachie but with DD I thought I was still in labour. The midwife told me that they get worse with each pregnancy (sorry) but that if you keep the pain killers up they should be under control. (I had refused the pain killers as I didn't know what was ahead). Best wishes to you for the rest of your pregnancy.

OOOHHHHH now I'm goin to cry lol. Silly preggie hormones! I thought that may have been the case sad

It will all be worth it - I promise. The first time you see your baby smile you won't even remember those pains. GBH.

Yes the pains get worse with each subsequent baby.
After my 1st, I was up walking around, and didnt understand why I kept being offered panadol.
I found with the second, I didn't notice them either, but with the 3rd and 4th they were like being in full labour all over again - they only lasted the duration of a breastfeed, and only for a couple of days.
When you have that happy healthy baby in your arms, they are worth it.
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they do get worse, with DS#1 i had nothing DS#2 i had them slightly but with DS#3 they were pretty hardcore for about a week after the birth, i even had to bresth through them and scrunch my toes lol.

but worry not, they dont last that long and you have a beautiful baby to take your mind off it.

Yep they do get worse but in the end it's all worth it. After having DS I'd forgotten how painful they can get cos there's a 12yr gap between DD2 and DS1 but I soon remembered in a hurry LOL....I'm not looking forward to them after DS2 arrives either but it will be the last time I'll have them so it won't be so bad LOL

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They do get worse and you feel them especially when you feed. I was taking painkillers than a Midwife said what were they for and she said a Heat pack may work oh it was a blessing. In hossy they had these heat packs that as soon as you broke them they became a heat pack. Maybe get yourself one of those heat bags you can heat in microwave. Cheers
Well I had them pretty bad with DS and remember think that it was far worse than the labour itself, So when i was having DD i was really not looking forward tothem as had been told they get worse each BUb and....I waited and waited....but they nevr came!!!! So heres hoping your the same!!! Goodluck although if you do get them it will go away!!!! Fingers crossed and all the best!!


Right, I barely felt them with DS but will be prepared this time round just in case. So was it panadol and heat packs yeah? I know my midwife gave me arnica tablets last time too, so might stock up on some of those.

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After my 1st son i didnt have any pains at all, the midwifes kept asking me if i wanted pain relief and i didnt know why.
Then after ds2 was born man did i feel it, only when feeding but it sure felt like i was having contractions all over again. It lasted for about 3 days then it wasnt so bad.

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