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After birth pains! Lock Rss

After DD1 I had some barely noticeable ones but after #2 they were excruciating! Every time I fed her for a week I was in so much pain.
#1 nothing, #2 oh my god the worst pains ever and then after #3 surprisingly nothing again and she was a HUGE baby so not sure what was with that but hey, I was in no extra pain so that was great!
None with my first, moderate with Charlie, pretty bad with Xavier! But I only needed Panadol to control the pain, and it was only when feeding. It's like bad period pain as opposed to labour pain for me, but everyone is different!

Glad to see there are a few who seemed to have missed the pains with #3 smile Hopefully I will be the same! Thanks for the advice with the heat pack too I will be purchasing one now smile

see i didnt find them that bad?

Bit of cramping but hey, i just had a baby so that was inevitable lol.
Have to agree with PP thats what they felt like to me to bad perios cramps and for me didnt matter what size bub was..
oh no. i dont want to hear about it. lol

i did not get them with my first, and i do not like to take medications. so i hope i dont get them too bad. sad

I never had any with DD. The hospital sent me home with a stash of voltaren, the midwife told me I would need it later but I couldn't figure out why. I thought it was for my stitches, but they never gave me any pain either unless I stood/sat still for too long. When my postnatal midwife came 2 days later she asked about after pains and I asked after what? lol

I don't remember getting them with my first ( but that was 4 yrs ago now- but I do remember that despite being an emergency c-section I had hardly any pain at all. This time round, I had another emergency c-section and I started getting after birth pains on the operating table- my god they were painful ( I had a spinal and the op lasted over 2 hours so it had started to wear off while they were stitching me) By the time I got to recovery, all pain medication had worn off so I felt everything. ( I got a morphine drip but that didn't help much till it built up - which was hours) For at least a week or 2 weeks, I felt them everytime I breastfed. Docs suggested taking panadol about half an hour before you brestfeed - helps a little bit
Holy crap, now I'm scared. Mine were shocking with my DS, DH wanted to take me to hospital because they were so bad. They lasted about 3wks (only really bad for the first 2 though). Bugger, really not looking forward to them again.

I completely forgot about them till I saw this thread....I had no idea that I would get these after pains till I asked the midwife the next day why it felt like I was still getting contractions. Will be interesting to see what happens with this one. But yes, they were the least of my worries - painful, yes, but forgettable in the grand scale of things smile
hi i have had 4 kids and am onto my 5th at the moment and yes the pains do get worse but i found that the worst time i feel the pain is during breast feeding so ask for pain meds asap after the birth and then make sure they keep them up for u and if u can still feel them with the mild pain killers they will first give u ask for stronger ones actually what i do at night is ask for a sleeping pill and some strong pain pills and then ask the midwife if she can keep an eye on bubs just in case u dotn wake up. they will be very happy to do this as they love totally love doting on the new babies. and it doesnt hurt the baby for u to geta coupoe of days of proper rest before u have to go home. it is only for a few days so maybe even talk to ur midwife about it and tell her u are terrified an she can put it in ur notes. what ever u do dont stress about it cause like labour there is nothing u can do to stop them and never be afraid to ask for pain pills they know u ge tthe pain and will give u what ever u need to be comfortable
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