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After birth pains! Lock Rss

omgsh with DD#2 i was doubled over in pain they even offered me morphine! but every body is different, like every pregnancy and birth. good luck with everything xx
I don't remember having any with Maddi.. Here's hoping I'm that lucky again lol, I don't like the sound of them!

I have 7 babies. I have only had horrific after pains with baby number 2.... i had a drug free birth but needed pethadine for the pains. Baby number 3 , had a bit of panadol but nothing to what they were for baby number 2, the last baby was not even as hardcore as the 2nd baby, i take my own painkillers in cause the hossy is not strong enough so i take mercyndol and nurofen plus with me. although i havent needed as much as witht he second child.... I alwsy worry more about the afterbirth pains also, but havent had to much to complain about since .
ohhh. now i get it, why the midwifes kept looking at my notes and asked "if i was taking any medications"

i was like, no i had a fine birth. (the chart would of told them that). lol.......but it was for the after pains.

Alwaysawake - that is a bit more reassuring Thanks smile Glad to hear that you have been relatively pain free, gives me hope smile

Maybe it is just #2 that causes bad ones?

DS#1- No pains
DD#2- WOrst pain i have ever experienced in my life!!
DS#3- Mild but still a bit painful

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