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Best sanitary pads for after baby is born? Lock Rss

Can anybody suggest the best sanitary protection for after baby is born??? I want to feel really secure in that it's not going to leak / be too messy!!! I'm guessing the first few days will be messy regardless!!!
I brought some of the more youth orientated brand maternity pads that said they were still ultra thin but I soon realized that the more padded ones, although a little bulky act a bit like a cushion if you have any tears or stitches like I did.

Good luck smile

I agree with PP. The thickest chunkiest pads r best, think my mum used to call them surfboards lol

The biggest, thickets, chunkiest pads you can find lol. I used Libra Maternity (i think its been a while) and had huge nana undies to make sure it stays in place. Buy cheap nana undies if you can so your good undies dont get too mesy lol

hi there
i had my baby nearly 4 months ago amg i found libra were the best.. while i was on hospital tho i got suggested to use the blue things that they put under you when your having baby i even got a few to take home...
Libra Goodnights in the purple packet are great; thick and long, and Kotex Maternity are great too after a few days
I agree, the Libra Goodnights are the best. Be carefull not to buy the Goodnight Ultra thins, the thicker ones are definately much better.

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I used Libra Maternity & Kotex Maternity. I found the think and the thin ones both fine and I bleed extremely heavily in the first week. I just change the pads every 2-3 hours to be sure!

Mummy to Maddie and Ollie smile

Hi i used Kotex and tried Libra but i think the Kotex were by far the best and about $4.00 less. also be prepared with plenty( about 4 packs) as you may find you may need to double up ( i thought they were exaggerating in class about taking 4 packs so i took 2 but i ended up having to send DH out to get more)

i used libra (purple packet) and i think they were the best..they may be the most expensive, but honestly who cares about money in a time like deserve the most comfort you can get...they're also really good cos they're quite chunky which offers padding/cushioning for you which makes all the difference..especially if you had stitches!!!

i also liked the libra pads because they had wings which made me feel safer in not leaking etc...

My beautiful baby boy was born 24 June

I used kotex maternity i also had some stay free but i found kotex to be a better brand.
I also wore 3 pairs of undies to feel more support.
I bought postpartum pads last year. It was a good experience, here is the best post delivery pads wink
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