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Having sex again after VB with stitiches Lock Rss

Hi there,

I delivered my Son just over six weeks ago and had to have a continuous stitch on the outside. They seemed to have healed up properly however when my DH tried to have sex for the first time last night it felt pretty sore in the area where the stitches were almost to the point where I was scared I was going to tear again.

I must admit I was pretty nervous and i guess tense which didn't help the situation (oh what I would give for a few glasses of wine beforehand to relax!) despite using lubricant.

Is this normal and can anyone else give me an idea of how it went for them as I am pretty scared that I may feel like this forever and I so want to have a normal sex life with my Husband again so i am hoping things will get better in time.

I had stitches with DD1 and I was scared about tearing again as well. You just need to be gental at first and streatch a bit. Give it another month and you will hardly notice it.

I gave it a go after 5 weeks and had the same fear. I was scared to the point where we stopped coz I didnt want to tear.
We tried again about 7 weeks later and I found it more comfortable to go on top first so I had control of how slow it was. It still felt a little uncomfortable but it was still good. And since then it has been fantastic. You just need to go at YOUR pace. Try going on top to get started. The slower you go to start with the easier it will be to stretch..

Good luck wink

Thank you so much Ladies for taking the time to respond gasp)
Glad this Q. came up so thanks Rosie. smile
Our DD is 10 weeks old now and I still haven't been game to try, much to hubby's disappointment. I had a third degree tear - what did the others on here have, may I ask?
Thanks smile
Sorry ladies... Type O... We did it 7 weeks after the birth..

PuppysMum I didnt tear. They cut me sad I was mortified!!! But it was a big cut!!

Yummy Mummy - that sucks! I was about to get an episitomy too and when I heard them say it (they gave me the needle, etc. to prepare me for the cut) I pushed even harder to get the baby out and that's when I tore naturally. Just unfortunately it was the worst tear you can get. sad

Funny thing is, when reading pregnany books and I learnt about episotimy's (sp?) I actually said to my husband I do NOT want one of them, so when I heard a midwife say that word I kind of freaked out LOL.

Hahaha!!! I know what you mean. It was the one thing I was really nervous about. I was terrified of having stitches there. I almost burst into tears when they said they were going to give me the episotimy! Her head was just too big. I almost ended up with an emergency C-section but by the time the surgeon got there I had her head out... Thank god!!!

I was in pain for about 10 months after the birth of my dd. Everytime we would try it felt like i was being ripped apart and that was slow sex. The pain eventually went away but it took forever. I dont think the doctor stitched me properly and it was so uncomfortable. I remember the doctor being in a rush when he was doing it to. Bastard!!!!!
My DH and I FINALLY did it the other day I was so excited (prob not as much as him though LOL).

Our little one was 18 weeks old before I was able to give it a try. I had a third degree tear (apparently there are two types of 3rd degree tears, and I had the worst of the two *sigh*)). I ended up getting a bit of an infection too, somehow, so had to wait a bit longer for that to clear up.

Does it ever end?? arrghh smile

Anyway, that time we finally had sex - it tugged a bit, but we took it very slowly and DH was very aware that we might need to stop if it hurt too much. The tugging was uncomfortable so we changed positions and that seemed to help.

Good luck everyone! smile
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