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Pain after C-Section Lock Rss


I gave birth to my baby girl 5 weeks ago by c-section. I'm still getting a sharp stabbing pain on one side and still bleeding slightly. As I'm already seeing the OB next week for the 6-week check up I didn't want to bother him sooner, so thought I'd ask the mums here if this is normal. I thought I'd be back to fairly normal by now. It feels bad enough that I had to have a c-section, but this pain is really annoying! The other question I have, I hardly remember anything straight after the birth, I don't remember holding Gemma for the first time or her first breast feed. It hurts (emotionally) when I think about it. Has anyone else experienced that? I feel like the most important and wonderful experience I could have has been somewhat lost.


Lisa, Qld, Mum to be

Hi Lisa

I had an emergency c section with my first baby and I had some bleeding from my scar for about 6 weeks. It used to weep also and I had to wear a bandage across the scar until it settled down. I went to the doctor about this and he said that I had a surface infection but it was OK. I didn't have any accompaning pain as you describe though. If it were me I would see a doctor because if there is any infection it is best to get it cleared up straight away.
In regards to what you were saying about not remembering your first feed etc, I know what you mean. I barely remember holding my bubs in theatre (I was desperately fighting off sleep so I could see her) and then I don't remember the first night at all. I don't remember breastfeeding or changing any nappies. The midwife told me off the next day as she said that Ashlee had meconium stuck to her cord clamp and she had to remove it. I don't even remember seeing it there and if I had I certainly would have wiped it off. I was in labour for a very long time, had pethadine, gas and epidural and had not slept for two days before Ashlee was born, so all of those things meant I was exhausted more than I had ever been.
It is sad that the memory is not there, however it is just something that I have had to put behind me. I have had lots of wonderful memories since then.
I am pregnant again and hoping for a natural delivery so that I can hopefully remember every minute (well the good parts that is)!

Good Luck

4 lovely munchkins DD 10/03, DD 03/05, DS 10/06 &

Thanks for your reply Kristi. I will go and see my doctor earlier I think. Sounds like your birth experience was a little worse than mine. I only had to go through 6hrs of mild contractions that didn't require pain relief. The gel didn't do anything so the doctor called the theatre to book a slot and they said sure bring her down now. I have a kidney problem so he didn't want to risk leaving Gemma inside for too long. I guess it all happend so quickly it takes time to adjust. I do have one thing that makes me laugh though. Apparantly I had a long phone conversation with my brother the night Gemma was born that I have no memory of. Hope all goes well with your second bub. When I do fall pregnant again, I will be hoping to experience a natural birth (fingers crossed!)


Lisa, Qld, Mum to be

Hi Lisa,
I had an emergecy c-sect over 6 months ago. My scar is still tender. I do remember having some pain and wondering when it would go away. Just remember you did have major surgery and it takes time for your body to heal.
I vaguely remember holding my little man, we'd had abig day with the whole inducing, he was finally born at 1230am. I just remeber being so happy that it was finally over. I can still remeber looking at hubby as he said we had a baby boy & I just cried.
I look back now and I'm just so haapy that I have happy & healthy little man.
Take care
hey ladies!

I had an emergency caesar at the end of July, and from the week after my beautiful girl was born started to get stabbing pains in my side! Unfortunatly it was nothing to do with the way i gave birth, but ended up being pregnancy related gall stones!

So if after all this tme your still in pain every now and then it might be worth looking into and going to see your DR!

Hope all goes well.

Mckenzie Cate 28/7/04 & Lexi Breanne 10/5/07

Hi everyone,

I had an elective caesar towards the end of october because of the size of my son. I had to go for another scan at 36 weeks and they told me he already weighed 4.5 kgs!! I went in a week early and after quite a bit of pulling and tugging my lovely big man weighed a whopping 5.914 kgs (or 13lbs 1oz in the old scale)

I was absolutely gobsmacked at the size of Jy but very greatfull I didnt try to have him naturally!
I was out of the hospital in a few days but i still found it very hard to walk properly or stand for a long amount of time but it went within a few weeks. I did bleed though for about 7 weeks so the doctor sent me for another scan to make sure they cleaned me out properly.
Its probably best to go in and see him, at least its better than leaving it and something going wrong.


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