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kinda a personal Q Lock Rss

i got my period as soon as i stopped BF like the next day.
Hey with #1 i BF for 3 weeks i got my P back 5-6 weeks later. Mind you was bleeding for 1 1/2 of the weeks after i had her. With #2 i BF for 5 days (OUCH) then got my P bout 4-5 weeks later but it went for 2 weeks.. fun.. the "discharge" i hate that word too lol could maybe be thrush wont hurt to check that out. i got it after #2. Good luck smile
i got mine 8 weeks after DS was born. i had the yellowish discharge probably from about 4 weeks post partum until 6 weeks. so i had 2 weeks of normal to no discharge, then got AF.

i bf for 6 days only. at my 6 week check my OB told me i should expect my period in a couple of weeks time and whammo, right on time it turned up.

Anything can happen after birth, with my first 2 bubs I combined BF and bottle fed for 5 weeks then switched completely to formula and I got af back regular and normal at about 8-9 weeks because we started TTC at 3 months.
With bub number 3 I got it back 6 weeks after birth and I have been BF exclusively, so got it back the earliest out of the 3 and she is the only one that has been 100% BF and still is at 6 months.
I wouldn't worry about not having it back just yet, it could take a few months even when not BF smile

I'm pretty sure mine was on about the 5th week, was no later. i BF for 1 week, so my was a pretty typical return.

I think if you are a little worried, maybe give your midwife or family GP a call, better to have peace of mind!

with baby 1, i had lochia for under 2 weeks. period back 8 weeks.

with baby 2. i had lochia for 7 weeks. period was back by 12 weeks.

omg i hate that yellowish stuff argh yuk. i had that for at least a wk i think it was due to having the catheda not to sure. I neva got periods i think because i was on the depo prior to falling pregnant so i neva got periods to start with so ma body was outa wak. sorry if this doesnt help.:/
7 weeks, i had the yellowish discharge right up until i got my period, i never breastfed. so maybe its nearly there
I got mine about a week & a half after giving birth & I didn't breastfeed either time. Not sure about the discharge thing though unsure

I would not be too worried if I were you. I BS for the first 5 weeks and now bottle feeding. She is now 12 weeks old today and i still do not have my period.It will come when its ready to.
I didnt BF at all and my bleeding got all cleared at around 2 weeks after birth, my P didnt start till 8 weeks after the birth and when i got it it went on for 3 weeks.

P.s i was on the pill
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