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what can you put on the c-section scar? Lock Rss

it got rubbed raw in the middle 3rd, and also cause stitches have dissolved, i think nikkita popped one little section tonight, and its hurting now.

but undies have rubbed it raw in the middle, plus that one little raw bit, about 5mm long. its stinging and i cant let it just air, cause ive got a horrid skin fold thing and there is still fluid building up above it making it worse!

Do you mean fluid like blood etc under the skin or weeping from the wound? If it's building up under there, you could be getting an infection. Perhaps try to get into a dr tomorrow? I don't think I'd put anything on it ats. Try a pad tho. Just remove the adhesive strip as you would usually and put the absorbent side against the wound, then pull your knickers over to hold in place. You're less than 3 weeks post op so remember to take it easy!!
ive got a fair amount of odema above the scar line, causing a bulge above it, ive been told its completely normal. but my undies kept sitting on it today and have worn skin odd and nikkita wend to climb up on me tonight for a night cuddle before bed, and shes normally REALLY good remembering about it, but she kinda flopped on me, and it HURT and when i had a look there is a raw area that looks like a small split.. i can take a pic and show you if you like? other parts of it are healing fantastically and up till today the whole lot was!

its above the laproscopy scar thats the problem lol. right in the very middle! each end is fine...

putting a pad agains tit hurts, ive tried that. and yes it seems to be weeping fluid. there is no redness around it (aside from the old lap scar and where skin rubbed off) and its just a sore stinging feeling from raw skin etc. nothing deeper in there. so i dont think its infected.. although with raw skin, it could easily become infected!

I had issues with my wound healing & there was a section in the middle that would get irritated from my underwear. Mine was not infected but would weep clearish fluid or blood at times. It took many weeks to fully heal but I found keeping it completely dry all the time seemed to help & I just wore over sized undies for awhile so that it did not rub. A panty liner or a small piece of gauze over the area may stop the rubbing. My doctor also found 2 undissolved sutures after 8 weeks that they had to remove from the same area. Make sure the pants or jeans you are wearing are not to tight. I found the zippers on my jeans would rub & irritate the wound. It is probably a good idea to get it cheked out just to make sure it hasn't broken open, or formed an abssess or infection.

If it's the skin around the wound and not ON the actual scar then I'm assuming it's just stinging because it's exposed to air? If that's the case then perhaps something like paraderm or solugel, even some vaseline will protect it and stop the air getting there which I suspect is causing the stinging, but again I wouldn't put anything directly on the c/s scar. The pad will just help to stop your underwear rubbing and irritating the area any further.
here ill show you how it looks now....

on the left side (as you look at it - really my right side lol) there is a slightly open bit... it looked perfect thismorning... (like the edges do.. all the way along...)

i should just add... scuse the errr... pubic line.. its a bit hard to not get it in the shot lol

the red area below it is my old surgery scar.. was tiny till i had nikkita then it got majorly stretched, and never shrunk... its red from being stretched again lol. sorry its not very pretty tummy to look at lol...

the slightly bluish tinge ABOVE the cut, is where the odema sits. ive only just noticed in that pic that its discoloured... couldnt see it before due to the sheer level of bruising i had... some of which is still very slightly visable... was right up to belly button!

i used crush nappy rash cream after both kids c/s. it was recommended by my ob it helps keep it dry. and if you think there maybe a mild skin infection i used detol cream over the area and that cleared it up very well
Absolutely DO NOT put anything on your wound! It will only agrivate it further.

Your scar looks identical to my scar 2nd time round, it was a bit oozy and weepy but kept it clean by washing with warm water, no soap, patting it dry and then "airing" it....easier said than done when you've got a new born and a toddler.

My dr told me to lie down in the sun for a few mins as the sunlight would help. I'm also a big girl to start with, had a humongous 10lbs baby who stretched me to all buggary so I also had that horrendous belly flap. Lying down helped to keep the flap away and dry it out. Lie down in the sun as often as you can and expose your wound to the air. AFter about a week, my scar had formed a nice scab and healed perfectly after that.

Good luck with it and congrats on your new arrival smile

My first c/section wound took ages to heal properly. I had a small gap that kept re-opening. It eventually healed by itself and I didn't use anything on it.

A small bit of gauze to keep it protected and after a shower use your hairdryer on a cool setting to dry the area. If you can get outside into the sun - even better!!

My second c/section wound healed better than my first although after putting in the disolvable stitches the doctor had added in two extra normal stitches in a small gap at the end of the wound. Didn't make a note of it on any of my files and it wasn't until about a week and half later that I complained of irritation and pain to a MW that she found them. Once they were removed it was fine.

Good luck - it does take a while to heal but if you're concerned go to the doc just in case its an infection.

I had a small section of my scar after my second c-section that got irritated. My GP told me to make sure it was completely dry after showering and told me to wear high cut underwear with a maternity pad stuck in the front to line up with my scar smile It kept it protected from bumps and also stopped the irritation from my underwear rubbing.

I hope that helps smile

PS: My 2nd c-section was 10 months ago and my scar has healed so well that you can barely see it - you have to really search for it. I hope you get the same good fortune smile
I maded sure that no underwear would sit on the scar. I maded sure it was dry all the time. Plus when it was itch i put cream on it to stop the itching while it was healing. And i maded sure no elastic was on the scar so no rubbing.
Mine now i can't see it which is great.

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