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Did you lose your baby weight?? Lock Rss

I only put on about 6kg when pregnant with DD, all baby, etc. 2days after havning DD, i weighed less then i did before i was pregnant, it was great. Then start lossing more weight while BFing but i could only BF for about the firat 6weeks. When i fell pregnant, i was about 100kg, after having DD i was about 95kg. woohoo! But not for long. Now i weigh more, probably due to shift work and full-study, i don't eat probably. I tried weight watchers but cause of my lifestyle, it didn't work out. I'm hoping to weigh alot less after having my next baby, whenever that is.

I put on double what i put on while pregnant after DD was born sad was so busy being a single mum to a colic baby that when i did eat it was from the shop across the road!!!
i did but put it back on and then some sad
i dont know how the first few of you could just lose most of the weight in the first few months. i almost couldnt even get up without hurting, let alone get any exercise. i still dont have my energy back (my sons 15 months) to anything close as it was before and yet the doctors cant find anything wrong with me. i put on about 20kg, about 6kgs went just after had my boy but i was breast feeding, eating lots of fruit n veg n little anything else and still put on about an extra 7kgs. so now im still up 18kgs sad
With DS1, I weighed less than pre-pregnancy weight when I left hospital after having him. I only gained 6kg during the pregnancy and had this teeny little bump (not through lack of trying - I ate like a horse!) and he weighed 4.3kg at birth. So, add on the extra blood, amniotic fluid, and placenta, I actually left smaller than I started. BUT, my body SHAPE was totally different. I used to be fairly straight up and down - ballerina shape I suppose. After DS1 I was all bum and boobs! (Which I very much liked!).

With DS2, I gained about 12kg and was much larger all over. I had shocking fluid retention and my belly, although not huge, was much bigger than with DS1. I lost about 6kg from the birth itself. I then actually lost a lot of weight very quickly. I was eating like a horse and DS2 was thriving (breastfed) but, I became very weak and underweight. It wasn't nice sad DS2 is 10 months now and I've gained the weight back (plus a little bit extra) and I feel and look the healthiest that I ever have smile

I think it's important not to focus too much on the weight that you gain/lose. Just focus on FEELING good and healthy smile

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With DD1 I put on 14 and a half kilos. After I had her I was 2kgs heavier than before which I blame mostly on my boobs that have gone from a DD to a G/GG lol..

And after having DD2 (there's 16 months between them) I'm the same weight now that I was after having DD1. I don't know how much weight I put on with her because she came a little bit early so I didn't get a chance to weigh myself!

with dd#1 i put on a whopping 35kgs!!! all bad food and tv watching!!!
took me around 18mths to lose it all and it was hard work!!! morning runs, strict diet but i did it...lesson dont eat crap and sit around!!!!!

dd#2....ate no crap walked as much as i could(preggers in middle of summer) and still managed to stack on 30kgs!!!! did have a massive bump tho....constantly measured 4wks bigger.
she is 3mths now and i have jus started part time study and am older so i know this will be harder but i can do it. but its nit the time to think about weight loss.....its about looking after your beautiful new baby and yourself. rest up and you will know when the time is right to start trying to shift those stubborn kilos!!!!

good luck with bubs!! smile

I put on a lot of weight during pregnancy so I after each I have been significantly bigger. With DD1 I put on 20kg in 32 weeks and lost about 5kg straight away and another 3 or so without even thinking. With DD2 I put on 28kg, she is 5 months and I have lost 15kg but still have another 10kg to go. Sadly I don't think i'll ever be as small as I was pre DD1 but that's okay as my shape has changed completely and my big A/ small B boobs are now DDs smile
I was 50kg's when I fell pregnant with my first. I got to 61kg when I was 9 months pregnant with him. Now I am 61kg's and not pregnant. I hate myself. I've just joined the gym and have a PT who thinks 55 is the right weight for me.

I was a bit like you all belly and didn't really put on weight anywhere else.. Some people even thought i lost weight which is did in the 1st 16 weeks due to being constantly nauseas smile !!! But i ended up putting around 13kgs my DD was 9pd 1oz.
After 1 week i lost 12kg, then i had a massive haemorrhage 12 days post birth (via c/s) due to a infection i didn't know i had and lost 4kgs in a week so in 2 weeks post birth i had lost 16kgs so was around 3-4kgs lighter then i was prepregnancy..

So pretty much once i had DD with her weight gone + placenta + fluid it all fell off......
I started off at roughly 60kgs. Through pregnancy i got up to around 74ish, a few months after birth i had lost the bulk of it. I still had 2-4kgs to lose, up until 2 months ago when i finally did something about it, and now i'm sitting back down at 55kgs.

with my second child i lost 9 kilo's obviously i was all fluid. and with my recent pregnancy a boy again, i was told by the doc i was too fat to have a general anesthetic i tried to tell her it would be all fluid and bubs but no she new better.
when i had bubs i started dropping the weight a week later i had lost 16 kilo's and three days after that i had lost another 2 kilo's. so to date i have lost 18 kilo's in a week and a half. for some reason having boys i just balloon with fluid retention.

i would love to see that doctor again just to put her in her i must say though losing all that weight in a week and a half feels like your in someone elses body. just washing your hands feels

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