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Did you lose your baby weight?? Lock Rss

I was 59kg when I fell pregnant , the day I gave birth I was.... wait for it.... 89kgs !!! I put on 30kgs !!!
I did have extreem fliud retention as well . My DS is now 14 months and Ive lost just over 20kgs , the last few are really stubborn . But im not going to bust my gut or anything until after we have another bubba . Mind you I havent tryed to loose the weight its just come off from breastfeeding .
Mostly women put the weight/size after pregnancy. But if some effort she can put this original size/weight.
I'm wondering with my second pregnancy how I will go, hopefully I will be the same as with DD1

I was 56kg when I fell pregnant with DD and put on 11kg, I lost it all within a month and then some. I ended up being 52kg the whole time I breastfed and then went up to 54kg when I stopped bf.
This time I have started at 54kg and am hoping i put on 11kg again and then lost atleast the 11kg again. So far Im tracking similar with weight gain with DD1 so fx for me.
Even though I lost all that weight I changed shape and am much wider in the hips and waist than pre baby, so dont necessarily look skinnier

I've put on about 10kilos since falling pregnant, but it's all just bump, haven't gotten bigger anywhere else, so wondering whether i'll be back to the size i was, minus the beer belly cause i haven't had a beer in a long time!!

So did anyone else go back to the same size/weight they were before being pregnant ??

Oh man, you sound exactly like me. I put on 10 kilos also, and it was all bump with nothing anywhere else. So quite a lot of this was baby/placenta/fluid, meaning I had about two kilos to lose.

Problem is, since it was all bump, it means that I have a massive belly now! I am reasonably petite all over (clothes size 10) with just this massive belly. And, my daughter is nearly nine months, so clearly time is getting on!

I walk a lot, but haven't done targeted exercises on my tummy, which is obviously what's needed.

I eat a lot, but this is mostly healthy food. I don't think I could really make changes to my diet which would have an impact.

It is a MYTH that breastfeeding helps you to lose weight. You will find that you are hungry all the time and you will eat a lot more than you usually do. (Some people are exceptions to this as hormones can be all over the place, but this is normal.) And, you must not try to diet while breastfeeding or else your baby will be losing out on nutrients, and you won't have the energy to run around after it.
HI there,

I was so paranoid about putting on weight, as I can put on a kilo just watching other people eat. I put on 15 kilos during my pregnancy - see my chart at but not only lost it all, but lost an extra 2 kilos thanks to pregnancy.

I think it took about 3 months for the majority of it to come off, and it was all gone by about 4 1/2 months, with no effort.

Though I must say i need to exercise as my stomach is now like a deflated balloon.

If you can breastfeed is makes all the difference.

LOL Immi

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I was 54kgs before having kids, and according to my ex doc i was too skinny for my height!. With each of my pregnancies ive put on about 15kgs, losing about 10kgs afterwards (eventually!), at my heaviest while pregnant i got to about 84kgs, and that was with no4!

im now at just 74kgs and baby no4 is 15mnths sad so its taking me awhile this time rnd to get down but i know ill get there eventually considering i havent even starting exercising as of yet! and i eat too much blink

As for breastfeeding helping to lose weight, for me, i didnt bf with no1, no2 i did till after 6mnths, no3 i did as well and he was a pig! he sucked be dry laugh and i got dwn to 65kgs with him! and i also bf no4 but only to rnd 4mnths, so i think for me it depends on how much they actually drink ??

another thing i think the doc says i should be rnd the 63kg mark for my height! ill be happy just to get dwn to 65kgs again!

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I gained 35kg during my pregnancy through poor diet and minimal exercise (it was a stressful pregnancy and I am a big emotional eater). DS weighed just over 4.5kg at birth so I lost a fair bit then. DS is now 5 and 1/2 months and I've still got 15-16kg to go. I know I can do it if I put my mind to it, but doesn't help we don't have footpaths where I live. I'll be happy if I get within a few kg of pre-preg weight. Am 5'10" and started a size 12-14 and bra size 14D, currently a 16-18 and 18DD (edit: went to simone perelle the other day - turns out I'm a 16E!!). Would be happy if I got back to 14-16, and no bigger than a 16D.
The day DD1 was born I was less than my pre-preg weight, & that was while she was still inside!!! The day after I was approx 7kg lighter (as I'm usually 50kg, this was TINY!!) BUT, it wasn't all good, as I kept losing weight while I was b/f her, then started flaking out each time I fed as my body was run down - after 9mths of m/sickness, what do u expect???! I SLOWLY managed to put most of it back on, then had 2 m/c's which I lost weight after both!! The day before DD2 was born I'd managed to get up to 52kg...! So once again the day after I was lighter than the weight I'd been for 6yrs prior to having DD1!! Now I'm 9wks preg with #3 and have already lost 2kg.So I guess every1 is different, I've never had to try to lose the weight ... I can still easily fit my wedding dress - over 5yrs ago!! And have still a few clothes I brought before my wedding that I could wear no prob!! But the spewing of pregnancy is no fun, so I guess what good we get in one way is payed for in another!!!
I'm amazed at how obsessed we all are with getting back to our pre-pregnancy shape. Pregnancy is an extreme thing for our bodies to go through and entirely natural. Coming out of it with a bit more weight and a lot of body changes is just the way it is. And every single woman who has had a baby in all of the history of mankind over the entire world experiences this. We should be embracing this and accepting each other for who we are, not what we look like. Of course, we need to strive to be healthy and I'm sure we all know what that involves (healthy diet and moderate exercise). Stop worrying about what you look like. Anyone who judges you by that is not worth your worry. And think about all the people you know, do you only befriend those with perfect bodies?
I gained 30kgs with my first pregnancy lost 10kgs within the first few mths and became pregnant with DD2 when DD1 was 3mths old. Gained 15kgs with second pregnancy, lost the 15kgs and became pregnant with DD3 when DD2 was 9mths. Just had DD3 a few weeks ago,(gained 15kg) so hopefully can now focus on shifting the 20kgs left from the first pregnancy lol.

i have had five kids i seem to loose weight more easily then gain it so i have always gone back to my weight 50kgs all within a few weeks i usually gain about 15kg-20kgs with each pregnancy but i will admit i walk everywhere as i have never learnt to drive so i guess that helps to plus where i live it is all hills

i dont know how the first few of you could just lose most of the weight in the first few months. i almost couldnt even get up without hurting, let alone get any exercise. i still dont have my energy back (my sons 15 months) to anything close as it was before and yet the doctors cant find anything wrong with me. i put on about 20kg, about 6kgs went just after had my boy but i was breast feeding, eating lots of fruit n veg n little anything else and still put on about an extra 7kgs. so now im still up 18kgs sad

Hi, just curious but are you on the mini pill at all? I actually got pnd from taking it after my dd (bub no 2) was born and part of that was not having any energy at all, the Drs etc I seen never mentioned that could be the problem, it wasn't until I stopped taking it due to problems with AF that they figured out what the problem had been. It also caused me to put weight on, I can't take the normal pill either because it does the same thing to me. Not sure if thats any help to you at all.


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