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Loose tummy skin Lock Rss

Howdy all,

How time flies - my Ben is 4 weeks tomorrow!

I was lucky enough to not put on much weight during pregnancy (well, not so much lucky, as forced, due to a gestational diabetes diet), but I am wondering how others managed to get rid of the loose, flabby skin on the tummy? I realise it's quite early on and I should be patient but curious as to what's worked for everyone else? I'm not too fussed with it, but if there's something that I could be doing, I'd like to be doing it!!

I haven't been doing much walking as it's been rotten weather here, but have been doing some stretches and have just started some light sit-ups.

Any advice?
It will depend on how stretched and loose the skin is. Some won't bounce back at all. After my first baby I had HEAPS of stretch marks but managed to firm up. However, the second baby managed to give me more stretch marks and it was so much looser and nothing has worked. I'm afraid my skin has just been stretched too much and has no elasticity left in it. I'm having another baby at the end of the year so heavens knows what my tummy will be like then. I've resigned myself to the fact that it will always be that way unless I go the plastic surgery option down the track.
hi there my name is tracy and i have 4 children aged 14 to 11 weeks and i was very lucky not to get any stretch marks with any of my pregnancies but i am finding it alot harder to lose my pregnancy weight this time around. i think with exercise and a good diet i should be back into my size 8 in no time. good luck and just enjoy being a mum.

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