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keep the placenta Rss

have anyone ever keep the placenta??
My tattooist did. She planted it under a tree, but she has moved since then, so not sure if she took it with her.

My tattooist did. She planted it under a tree, but she has moved since then, so not sure if she took it with her.

Really? interesting..i didnt keep the placenta from my first son last year. i wouldnt do for the next one as due in janurary.

i am wonder what people do to it if they keep the placenta
We will be keeping the placenta from our first baby due in a couple of weeks, we are hoping to plant it in a large container, so that if we move we can take it with us. Personally I can't handle the thought of just tossing out the part of my body that kept alive my baby for 9 months, I never thought I would want to keep it, but during the pregnancy have thought it would be appropriate.
I saw a program a while back where a lady kept it and each day would cut of a bit and eat it. Apparently it's SUPER good for you.

I don't handle blood or anything, so I wouldn't keep it to plant it, let alone eat it!!!

Each to their own but!
I didn't really want to keep it, but then when it came down to it I did. I'm not sure what changed but I felt as though I wanted to know where it went and not for it to just end up in the rubbish.
We planted a tree on top of it at my childhood home, but then my parents' business went bankrupt and they lost thier house. We dug up the tree and there was absolutely nothing of the placenta left! But we figure the tree gained nutrients from it so we have taken the tree and planted it elsewhere.
It was kind of weird to feel really strongly that I didn't want it, and then to find that I really strongly did!!! Ah well roll eyes
I have my DS's in the frezer!
My 10 year old DD has a tree that she got when she left kindy - I need to go and buy an extra extra large pot to replant the tree in and I will be putting his placenta in the pot.
I had never kept any of my 3 DD's - but this time I had a home birth so decided to keep it, I was given the option of the midwife taking it back to the hospital.
At this stage we are not planning to have any more children so I think it is special to have something of my eldest (tree) together with something of my youngest (placenta).
i have kept all three of them my husband burried them all in the same place in my mums rose garden..... i grew up in the house and their placenta are there,,,.
wow, very interesting. thank you for your sharing. smile
My first dds placenta is buried under a weeping cherry. My second dds is in the freezer awaiting a tree to be planted under. Cherry trees symbolise the cycle of life so we felt it to be beautifully appropriate.

There are benefits to eating it, but you dont just sit down and eat a placenta hamburger! You would have tiny slivers or some people dry it and have placenta tablets. If you haemorrage apparently a piece of placenta under the tongue is the answer!
Some people keep it for cultural reasons. I read on here somewhere about a maori lady who was taking hers back to NZ for a traditional ceremony...I thought it was wonderful that someone would take the time to follow such a tradition!
Honestly, keeping the placenta was not a thought that crossed my mind. When they asked if I wanted to look at it I said no thanks. I don't know why..just wasn't bothered either way. Same thing though, I said no to a mirror during labour, and kind of wish I hadn't now.

If I ever had another I think I'd say yes to the mirror & probably peek at teh placenta out of curiousity lol, but I still don't think i would keep it.
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