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i am just curious as to many women got strech marks during pregnancy. if so how bad did you get them az i got them really bad from below my belly butten to just under my breasts. also do you hate them or are you like its apart of life and not bothered by them and you dont care if people see them.

I've got them on my sides (love handles lol), Two big ones each side, as long and wide as my thumb. They were open wounds for the last two months of my first pregnancy, it was aweful. I actually quite like them now which is handy coz they're never going to go away!!
I also got the finer ones all over my boobs, and on my inner thighs (from kneeling over the loo...), they're almost gone.
I'm more self concious about the fine ones than the big ones, not sure why.
I was pretty lucky with my last two pregnancies. A few tiny ones around my belly button and a couple of lines on my love handles smile My boobs already had them on from their growth spurt when I was young.

I don't mind them - they are barely noticable anyway. But as I said, I was very lucky with that! Will see how this pregnancy goes smile
Yep I have HEAPSSSS!
I had PE and HELLP with my first (and only) baby, and she was born at 30 weeks. I wasn't tiny before getting pregnant, but had a tight tummy so I have heaps of them ranging from big to small. I absssolutley hate them and always keep them covered up, but they are a part of life so i can't make them go away.
I got alot of stretch marks when i was pregnant, from the belly button down. Theyre mostly all big ones..loottss of them lol. Ihave them on my boobs too.
They dont bother me, i wouldnt go out in a bikini tho.
They are a reminder of the job my body did growing my beautiful girl. smile

As for people seeing them, my 6 year old cousin saw them when i was adjusting my top and said, "your tummy is very stretchy,but how did the baby fit in there?!" I thought that was cute.
sad sad sad

Mine start a couple of inches above my belly button, and go all the way down! Then around my hips sad

They were horrible just after I had DS, red-purple & stung badly, but they're silvery and not really noticeable anymore.
Really not looking forward to when they flare up again with this pregnancy.

Best thing I've found for scars/stretchmarks etc is "Bio-Oil". awesome stuff!

I have been really lucky with both my pregnancies - my first I got no stretchmarks except at the end of my appendix scar which just blended in with the scar and could not be noticed. My son was a bit different I got a whole six stretchmarks. I used Bio-Oil both in the shower and after getting out of the shower with my first pregnancy and most of the time with my second - I do swear by it as I am only small and while pregnant was only tummy, but did get quite large, particularly with my second. As for liking them or not, they dont bother me nor my partner and just remind me of the perfect little creations we made together. People also say its in your genes whether you get them or not but I say you can help to prevent them and I believe I did by using Bio-Oil. (sounds like a bit of a campaign doesnt it LOL). They have also reduced with exercise and firming up my stomach.
I got them with DS & with this pregnancy, even worse sad Coz I'm still heavily pregnant, they are currently red raw again. I got some pregnancy photos done the other week & the lady asked me if I would like them photoshopped out. I had to think about it, because I hate them, but I couldn't bring myself to say yes. They are a part of my boys & a part of the journey of carrying them. I don't love them, but I accept them smile My belly will never see the light of day again though! Nor will many people see my pregnancy belly shots wink But I wouldn't do anything about

Edited to add mine go from the bottom of my belly up to halfway above my belly button & boobs, then I also have some around my hips & the top of my legs. I'm covered sad

I got stretch marks up and down my belly like a tree without leaves. It was really bad but I've been using that bio oil and it seems to be going away
Would have to say that i neither hate not love mine but am perfectly fine with them. They are reminder of carying my beautiful twins. Would never have walked around in bikini anywhat so doesn't really bother me.
Not one single one, but then I was covered with them when I went through puberty. Boobs, hips, bum. They are silvery lines now, and I don't really notice them or worry at all about them. I did get a pretty long and dark linear niagra during pregnancy though, from my pubic bone to my breastbone. It is still there, but I'm hoping that it fades away over time.
i hav got them from my belly button down n on my hips 2 i dont like them n b4 i had them tryd bio oil 2 prevent them but didnt work but i am not 2 fussd now il get my son from thes markes so they a worth it 2 me
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