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When I was pregnant with both of my two boys, each pregnancy I would rub normal Baby oil over my belly area. I didn't get any strtch marks on my stomach. I also made sure that I didn't get too big and drank a lot of pepsi max and coffee. I had smaller babies both healthy but I would do it all again.

I have to say.. i very much disapprove of this.. You should really.. really.. never repeat what you said.. and don't have more kids unless you are going to put them first!
I got HEAPS of stretch marks..
My boobs are covered.. got those about a month into the pregnancy, then I freaked and started using stretch mark cream to prevent anymore. I ran out of the cream at around 5/6 months and within a couple of weeks my hips, belly (below the naval) and inner and outer thighs were COVERED. They were big and purple.. I don't know if I got them all then because I ran out of the cream, so wasn't using anything to prevent it or because I got so big all of a sudden. It's hard to say really.. but now I am very conscious of what I wear and don't wear shorts any shorter than my knees. The ones on my belly and my boobs have faded a little, but most of them are still very big and very noticeable..
Maybe I will grow to love them one day, but I don't see that happening any time soon.
I was very lucky and didn't get any during my pregnancy with my twins and I feel that it is because of 3 things
1.I used PALMERS STRETCHMARK LOTION everyday when I got out of the shower from around 2 months then twice a day from around 6 months.
2.I only got to 35wks 4days.
3.Genetics - My mum didn't get any.

I do have some silvery ones on my lovehandle area that I got during my teens/early twenties though and they dont bother me as Im fair you cant notice them anyway.

My twins are still fully breastfed (they are 7 months old) so I'm not sure what my breasts are going to end up like yet but I have noticed a few light stretchmarks on them as I dont want to put lotion on them and have my babies ingest it when they feed.
Mine are mostly from my 1st pregnancy. Over the years they faded and then with my 2nd pregnancy the same ones just became redish again. They don't bother me at all.
Got em through puberty, grew boobs and several inches in a week I think! Boobs looked like two blood shot eye balls! But they faded. Got them on inner thighs too. Used every product under the sun, I was a walking oil slick. Stretched to the max! My niece saw me pull my top up to feed & she starts screaming, OMG you've hurt yourself, your soooooo bruised! I almost died, went out and bought some b/feeding t-shirts....
I personally didn't get any stretch marks at all. I did put on body shop butter nearly every day but I think genetics has a lot to do on whether or not someone will get stretch marks, I didn't get any during puberty either. My daughter was a healthy 7 pound 11 ounces so not tiny and I gained close to 17kgs.
I did get a very dark linea nigra though and still got it a year on although it is fading slowly smile I'm now pregnant with no.2 so we'll see how we go with the stretchmarks this time smile

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