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Sugery whilst bub is 11 weeks old Lock Rss

Hello...just chasing some advice -

I am scheduled for surgery next week to have my gall bladder removed. My 11 week old son is fully breastfed and is thriving...I absolutley love breastfeeding! My surgeon has cautioned me however that sometimes surgery causes the milk supply to dry up, and hence be unable to breastfeed anymore sad

My question is has anyone had surgery and then still been able to keep breastfeeding with no troubles?

Thank you
You can't bf for 12 hours after surgery (just check with the anesthetist and make them aware that you are bf) Make sure you take a pump with you to hospital so you can pump and keep your supply up - it is heartbreaking to dump it down the sink but it is only for 12 or so hours and worth it if you can continue to bf after smile
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