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bub is 4 days old and i still havent. i'll go sit there for a while but doesnt happen. i think i have hammeroids too. sad right near my butthole. so really scared that when i do it'll kill. way too much tmi but anyways... i dont know anyone on here so all good. lol. it's my 3rd bub. never had this prob b4 tho. hurts when i cough too... i dont like it.
I was the same after both births couldn't go until about day 5-6 after bub was born and it was horrible so I feel your pain. I did start drinking some laxative type drink it came in sachets and you just mixed it with water from the chemist worked a treat.
How are you going today anthing yet?

I think it was 4-5 days before I did one. I was warned about it talking a few days but to make sure I didn't get constipated because the stuff (I have no idea what it was) for pain relief that a nurse poked up there somewhere after birth can caus constipation. The nurses would ask each morning if I had gone yet.
I told a lie when asked if i had pooed yet after birth. i was scared they were going to make me stay until i had crapped. It took me about a week before i could poo. I had small piles and was very constipated. My midwife gave me bum tablets to help me go and help the piles dissapear. ask for some if you are constipated.
I pooped after day three of having my twins. I had a C-section and it was quite painful. i actually felt like my insides were going to full out. With you having haemorrhoids though i would go see your GP and get some cream to help with this. Yes it will hurt more if you have this problem also. Eat foods with lots of fibre. The other option which they "threatened" me with at the hospital was a suppository. Sounds grose but apparently helps soften the poop and does not hurt as much when you go. Definitely get the haemorrhoid problem sorted though. All the best.
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