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How long did you bleed for after birth? Lock Rss

I was just wondering how long after birth did everyone bleed for??

I am breastfeeding and its been 8 weeks and still hasnt stopped.

My first pregnancy seemed like it took forever to stop!! It was like 3 months for me, it was rather heavy at times aswell. My second it stopped after about 3 weeks! Both times I was breatfeeding and pretty much had the same delivery for both. With DS I did have quite a few clots pass aswell.

3 Months smile Bloody annoying
After my first pregnancy I only bled for a week and after my second pregnancy it was just under 2 weeks smile

Hope it slows down for you soon!!
First time it was about 9 weeks (although quite light for the last week or so) then second time about 7 weeks. It was MUCH heavier after DD#1 though.
6 weeks for me, then 2 weeks after that i got my period back!!! I was also breastfeeding
3 weeks, also breastfed

DS - Nov 2008 & DD - Feb 2012

11 weeks for me - fully breastfeeding too. What a pain! By that stage some of my friends had even had got AF! It was much lighter after 6w, but I definitely still needed several pads a day until about 11w. Some much for the 6w rule!
20 weeks for the first, 16 for the second. Gee, I'm just lucky I guess. If it drags on make sure you get your iron levels tested, mine were seriously low.

Oh, and I was breastfeeding as well.
4 weeks for me. Also breastfeeding smile

4 weeks and 2 weeks after that my period returned, @ 6 weeks I stopped bfing

i was lucky & it only last just over a week for me. I know a friend of mine that had her baby at the same time is still bleeding, only spotting now but its been nearly 3 months.
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