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Hospital discharge papers Rss

Hi ladies,

I read my discharge papers from hospital and couldn't really decipher what it said. The baby health nurse came today and explained the information on their and I was surprised at what was on there.
No one in the hospital told me or explained what happened during my labour birth that I just assumed something completely different! Has anyone else been surprised when they read their discharge papers?

Yes I was suprised when I received my papers. Several things like the two doses of antibiotics I was given during labour. I wasn't aware I had strep B, noone told me. And the other antibiotics was to prevent infection. The papers also said labour was 6.5 hours and it was really 8.5 hours. The nurse said they time 'labour' rom 2-3 contractions during ten minutes. Still was 8.5 hours to me. I was also suprised at the tear noted. 2 stitches on the outer labia. Noone could explain to me HOW i tore there. It doesn't make any sense at all!

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