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Yet another weight loss related post.... Lock Rss

Hey everyone,

So basically worried about my weight aft a midwife appointment..... I weighed 78kgs before I found out I was pregnant, and now weigh 87kgs, at 30 weeks pregnant. Just wondering what other women experience in regards to how much they gained in the final 10 weeks/third trimester, and how much of that dropped off after birth?

I just want to have my first baby and install healthy lifestyle habits early on, so just wanting to know what is 'normal.'

Thank you smile
Hey, thanks for letting me know what it was like for you! I guess Im starting to stress myself out about being a chubby mummy or something!
This is exactly how I felt... Like a chubby mummy...
I put on 25kg throughout my whole pregnancy (although I was a tiny size 8 and weighing 56kg prior to falling pregnant).
Don't expect to much of yourself... Drew Barrymore had wise words and said it takes 9 months to get that way so give yourself 9 months to get back.
My tummy didn't go down for a while which was very frustrating but its getting smaller and smaller. My bub is 4 months now.
I haven't jumped on the scales, I'm just happy to feel better each day and hear people say "you've lost weight".
The best way to drop the baby weight is to breastfeed and to exercise and eat correctly.
I am a dancer so getting back to dance classes has helped and walking with baby in the pram or baby carrier is great to, it also gets you out of the house!
Don't be hard on yourself though!
Honestly try not to stress out too much about this. You will get the weight off eventually. I would take your time losing it as well not like these hollywood celebrities who seem to lose their baby weight in a week.

In both my pregnancies I put on over 30kgs. I tipped the scales somewhere over 100kgs. I was about 86kgs after both my births. It took me about 5-6yrs to lose my first baby weight. My last pregnancy I did some walking with bub in the pram and trimmed down a bit. Its only since my ds turned 2 that I have gained 14 kilos and now weigh approx. 88kgs. I am about 5 foot 7. I haven't been able to exercise due to my chronic daily migraines.

I am now just going to take a natural healthy approach with my eating. I was told a few days ago by the GP that my cholestrol went from 6.1 to 7.8 in the last 4 months. I have no choice but to cut out alot of bad foods and especially chocolate which I was eating truck loads of.

Yes, I feel like a beached whale atm. But I am going to take my time and try to lose a bit of weight through better eating and minimum exercise in my case. Also to be honest once bub is here you will be busy looking after bub and you won't be fretting about your weight for a while anyway. But when you are ready to focus on losing a bit of weight do it the right health way.

Don't worry too much. I put on 10 kgs each time with my first and 2nd pregnancy. I've had a hard time losing it. But now I'm pregnant again I'm watching how much extra I eat and what I eat as I don't want it to take forever to come off.
Usually most of the weight is bub, waters and placenta so you most likely haven't put that much on at all smile
I put on about 15 kilo in my first pregnancy although I ate well and exercised a lot throughout this time and had lost all my pregnancy weight by about 6 months. My second pregnancy I didnt exercise after 20 weeks due to complications and ate food that I would never normally eat eg a cake of chocy a week ( I never bought chocy before this and have not since) but had major cravings. I put on about 25 kg second time round. I was 56 kg pre preg and two weeks after DD was born I was still 72 kg. By the time DD was 5 months old I was back to 58 kg and now am about 57 kg on a good day( she is 9 months).

I can easily lose that last couple of kilo but am finding that BFing makes me really hungry. 1 June is my pull finger out day!

Personally I say relax and enjoy your pregnancy. I think my second pregnancy was the only time in my adult life where I have not exercised daily and have eaten whatever I wanted.... I loved it!!! Although it was good to get back into a good routine once Dd was born.
I've read that it is healthy to put on 10-12kgs throughout pregnancy.

I'm 35 weeks and have put on 16kgs so far & this is my first pregnancy.

I have an elective c-section booked for 39 weeks.

Most of my friends say you lose close to 10kgs in the first week, I'm usually 55kgs so will see how long it takes me to shed the extra weight - not expecting it to happen overnight, as I won't be able to exercise for about a month afterwards!

I hope I can fit back in all my favourite jeans & pants one day!!
Everyone is so different. In both my pregnancies I put on about 25 - 30kgs!!! Thankfully Ive lost all 30kgs naturally in the first year after my pregnancies. when putting on the weight in my pregnancies I didnt eat more than normal and my exercise stayed about the same and I still put on so much and likewise when losing the weight I haven't done crazy diets or intense exercise nothing out of the norm. A lot of my friends were getting worried when they were climbing up to 15kgs of weight in their pregnancies, so I out done them by a lot, it was worrying in my first pregnancy but I was assured that everyone is different, I had a little more fluid in my belly than what most people do but no health problems to me or bub.
I'm 25 weeks and I've put on 13kg already gasp Honestly I'm not too stressed, I was very slim when I started this time and lost 12kg within a week of birth with DD. I think I put on about 18 kg with her, so an extra 6 to loose last time (although I started way bigger with DD). I haven't been able to exercise since 12 weeks, am under house arrest at present and will be on complete bed rest in a month, unfortunately I'm also a stress eater, so the numbers aren't likely to be good laugh Don't worry too much, you sound like you're on track to me, I would be stoked with 9kg by 25 weeks let alone 30 weeks tongue

I think I gained over 30kgs ( i was a tiny girl so it all showed 45kgs at 5 foot 2)when I was pregnant I was constantly hungry so I spent quite a lot of time eating. I lost most of that in about 9ish months I weigh about 5kgs more then I did pre pregnancy but that's where I wanted to be anyway. ( I had a lot of fluid and bub was a big boy)

If you can be a PurpleUnicorn, Why not a RainbowDragon?

Thanks everyone for your replies, it's good to know what others experiences have been like. I lost 8 kgs before falling pregnant, and wanted to get back down to 68kgs but knew being pregnant I had to put that on hold. So I hope to get down to under 70 by about march next year, just trying to give myself time and patience with it, especially as I won't likely be breast feeding. It is comforting to know so many people were able to still lose heaps of weight in the months after giving birth...thanks heaps ladies smile
After my c section I wasn't allowed to exercise heavily for 12 weeks...
Give yourself time to heal.
You can definitely do some walking before 12 weeks but I wouldn't be doing to much more until then.
Also the hospital made an appointment with the physio for me and helped me get my abdominals ready for exercise
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