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Contraception? Lock Rss

So my little girls will be here in just under 2 weeks, ive decided to put the implant back in after they are here, i was just curous how long after child birth do you get it?

obviously i wont be thinking about doing the deed for a while after they are born but i just want to be prepared for when it does happen
the rod in the arm
I believe the earliest your meant to and that's safe is 6 weeks for anything except mirena which you shouldn't let them put in before 3 months and same with the depo provera.
Waywad-703 wrote:
Not sure when you can get the rod in but I would suggest you have something to protect yourself before the 6 weeks. I was always ready to do the deed 2-3 weeks after giving birth. I also don't bleed very long. When I had my first baby I thought it would be a long time before I would even start thinking about it but I was wrong.

i got it put in when my dd was 6 weeks old i was just wondering if i could of got it sooner as i wont use anything else. but dont see me having any fun before that anyway, not with newborn twins a 3 year old and a 6 year old.
Are you able to use condoms? If so have a stash on hand just in case.
can use condoms but with bub number 3 and 4 i just want what i know works

im asking midwifes on friday when i can, and if they will hopefully let me have it put in before i leave as we dont want to be irresponsible and take any risks in the heat of the moment
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