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After birth - naming help! Lock Rss

Just a little curious as to what happens after you give birth and to do with naming your baby.. For example; what would happen if you don't name your baby until a couple of days after the birth? Back to hospital to fill out the paper work, or do you get to bring it all home or what? lol

Silly question, I know. I'm just a little curious.. First pregnancy and all. smile

You get given a whole packet of information to take home, stuff with centrelink and forms to fill out for the birth certificate etc. And I think from memory you get 60days to name your baby. Well you do in Victoria, not sure about SA.
As crochet_mumma said, once your baby is born, the hospital gives you a big envelope with paperwork - stuff to do with centrelink along with your registration for the Births, Deaths & Marriages Bureau, which from my memory is as crochet_mumma said, 60 days to do it in, when you register the birth you also have to provide copies of your birth certificates etc, so it gives you time to do all that.
Here is the information:

You can register on-line in SA:
MamaBec72 wrote:
Here is the information:

You can register on-line in SA:

Thank you! smile

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