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Maternity Pads, Your Recommendations? Lock Rss


I received some maternity pad samples but I want to know what your recommendation for maternity pads would be? I also bought one pack of Kotex Maternity pads but will hold off on buying more because I want to hear from other women. How many packs did you use in the end? My midwife said I should go for two and then go on to super pads, then regular pads, then liners. She said my bleeding may last 6 or so weeks but the first two days are usually when a woman would have the most bleeding. What was your experience?
I only bought one pack of maternity pads with my first. This time I have done the same - one pack of maternity & one pack of night time pads (I get Libra but that's personal choice). While your in hospital if you can get some of the absorbent "towels" (the ones they use on the pillows etc for your examinations) folded up they are great for covering the areas pads can't in the first couple of days (great tip from a midwife last time around!). Everyone is different though so you may need more or less but you can always send your OH to buy more (keep the empty packet so he gets the right ones!)
I bought both the Libra and Cotton brands. I personally prefer the Cotton brand - the Libra were bulkier and didn't have as good coverage I found. But that is me personally smile

The ones they give you in hospital are great, but they're huge haha. Good when you are heavy at the beginning but not the most comfortable.
hey, try to use such maternity pads that are long and thick. These pads are specially made for absorbing heavy bleeding during the first week after the pregnancy. Because these pads have high absorbency rate, comfort and hygienic to women. After passing 1 week of your baby born you should switch to a less bulky pregnancy pad. Type varies as far as the condition and situation are changing. Maternity pads are longer and thicker. They are easily available at the superstores. Maternity pads generally do not come with wings. They have an adhesive property which keeps the pad in its place. Many women use adult diapers instead of maternity pads. After passing some days they switch to maternity pad due to the severity of bleeding. Cesarean birth mamas prefer this pad to use. Their manufacturing properties make them more reliable and in demand. They are ultra-soft, thick and fluffy, and more than 100% pure organic cotton is used in it. they are biodegradable and can be bleached with chlorine. They are easily available through e-shopping on the Amazon website. Usually, it has been estimated that a woman can use maximum 3 pads in a day.
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