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So my baby is due in a month and im wanting to wash all his clothes ready for his arrival but was wondering if there is a certain laundry detergent i should use or what is safe and whats not
Before my bub was born I thought I'd wash his clothes separately in pure soap flakes. However once he came along we were so busy and had so much washing which meant all his clothes just get chucked in the regular wash with ours (we do use sensitive powder though as the smell of the normal ones make me sneeze). With next bub I just plan to go straight to normal detergent and if it causes a rash then think about something more gentle.
I've always just used the same products I would for our own clothes but do always invest in a good stain remover. My babies have never had an issue.
My midwife always said never to use any detergent or powder just use hot wash for the 1st 3 months as she's had so many mums who's baby's have had really bad skin reactions. But I guess everyones different.
I just used normal laundry detergent and had no issues at all. If you're worried about it just chose a sensitive formula. Persil does one.


If you have sensitive skin and are worried you can use normal detergent and use white vinger as the final rinse in the wash.
use about half a cup to a full load of washing.
10% white vingar has the same ph as human skin and kills 99% bacteria and fungi.
I use a non perfumed detergent.
There are lots of products out there and it can be confusing.
Just make sure you don't use too much and that your skin can wear the clothes after you wash them.
If they feel ok on you then they will be fine on your child.
Hiya, same as the others I used normal detergent just not a lot & I think I even put some cuddly softener in with it all! Didn't have an issue. I guess you could use the hot water if really worried. I was more worried about chemicals in the new clothing but now when I buy something & just throw it on him! That's probably lazy...bad mother!
I have bought a sensitive laundry liquid for all of my baby's clothes.. Normal liquid I believe is to harsh on their skin. There is a few brands to choose so I just got the one on special.
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