It's different for every couple, but the question of how long to wait depends on many factors such as your libido, how tired you are, if you have had stitches how they are healing. For some couples it's 6 weeks, for others 6 months or more. What surprised you about getting heavy in the sack with your partner again?

1. Not feeling sexy post birth

"I just kept thinking I'd start feeling sexy again, but it felt like that day was never coming. I put it down to exhaustion and weight gain, but once I talked to my other girlfriends who were a lot skinnier than I was, I discovered that feeling frumpy post birth was a pretty common experience."

"I knew that the only way to get bring sexy back, was to get some rest and start looking after me. I asked my mum to look after the baby for a few hours, and went and got a pedicure and had lunch with a girlfriend. Slowly by doing things that reminded me of my pre-baby life, I began to feel like myself again. I arranged a babysitter and myself and my husband went out for dinner...later that night we had sex. The first time wasn't amazing, but at least we are starting to collect on that level again." - Debbie, Melbourne

2. Sex Hurts

If you have had a tear, your are more likely to hurt during sex. Also, lack of lubrication during sex can make things difficult. You'll probably experience vaginal dryness for a while after giving birth.

Ask your doctor to recommend a safe lubricant to help matters along. Foreplay helps (if you have time in between a screaming baby) or you could just try oral until you feel ready for penetrative sex.

3. You feel like you'll never be ready.

Issue: Trust us, we've heard this from a lot of women. Exhaustion, physical pain, leaky boobs, everything smelling of baby vomit - it doesn't exactly help in creating a romantic atmosphere. Then to add insult to injury, you are probably panicking that your husband will get frustrated and angry with you for not wanting to have sex with him.

Solution: Talk. Most men will understand. Make sure your partner understands that you are still very much attracted to them, but that you feel tired / sore etc. If they still don't understand then you'll need to agree to work out a compromise (try engaging in more foreplay if lubrication is an issue, having some KY Jelly on hand) or something else that works for you as a couple.

How did you negotiate picking up your sex life with your significant other after the baby's arrival?