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Your first week survival guide with a newborn Lock Rss

First Week Survival Package
You've got the essentials for baby (swaddling blankets, diapers, and layette), but what about you? Here are items you'll want to have on hand.
Here are a few things you should have nearby in the first week with your little bundle of joy:

1. Water Jug: You'll be breastfeeding around the clock. Get comfy and remember that staying hydrated is key, but you probably won't have the energy to go to the kitchen for a drink. Park your jug by your side.

2. Extra Pillows: Make yourself comfy with body pillows, doughnut pillows (which can ease pressure on a sore tailbone), or regular pillows to prop and cushion as needed.

3. Handy Snacks: You will need them to keep your energy up.

4. Sanitary Pads: After birth you can expect blood flow from the uterus for several weeks.

5. Sitz Bath: Find this mini, shallow bath for your perineal area and rear at drugstores. Soaking for 15 minutes or so relieves the pain of stitches or hemorrhoids.

6. Witch Hazel: This astringent decreases swelling and pain in the perineum and alleviates hemorrhoids. Add it to your sitz bath or line your sanitary napkin with it. For cool relief, put witch-hazel-soaked pads in the fridge.

7. Peri-Bottle: If sitz baths don't appeal to you, fill this handheld squirt bottle with water to gently clean the perineal area.

8. Nipple Cream: A must for sore and cracked nipples.

9. Nipple Pads - available at your chemist.
Good information!! thanks for sharing it here. smile
agreed, helpful info. I read an interesting blog about how to keep fit straight after pregnancy too! maybe it'll be interesting for some of you:
Thanks for the tips. I barely survived the first weeks and it is just the beginning. It is my first pregnancy, and I did not expect it to bee that tough!! I mean, I know pregnancy is the hard times, but it is even more than I thought! I think my husband is already tired of me. I am always tired and annoying hah. I cannot imagine us surviving the whole 9 month period. God give him some patience! lol
It helped me a lot? thanks for sharing it here smile
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