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Anyone try this diet after birth and how much did you lose? Lock Rss

Hi - just wondering... wanting to know how much weight other Mum's have lost at birth on a fasting diet? Has anyone tried Eat Stop Eat, or similar IF programs? I'm particularly interested in this one, as 24 hours once a week seems reasonable.

Just read this commentary and it seems to be what I'm looking for:

I'm just wondering if anyone can share their experiences and the pros and cons of a program like this.

I'm already trying IIFYM, and getting better at it, but I'm looking for a little boost (and a few meals I don't have to cook/ plan seems like an added bonus). I'm currently 5,5 foot 193 pounds (started at 213 pounds last January and although I've only lost 10 pounds my waist har shrunk a lot through workouts and watching what I eat). I'm working on trying to lose around 18 pounds, and while I continue to see body recomp, the scale refuses to budge. Maybe this could be the push I need? ????
Hey there! I'm a fitness coach myself and I do intermittent fasting myself. I do 16/8 every day and for me it's brilliant for my body composition. However for females intermittent fasting can throw your hormones out so it's best to ease into it, smaller windows and less frequently to begin with like each alternate day. Some women will respond well and some it will not suit, that's something very individual that you will need to monitor yourself. I run free facebook group where I share info, run challenges and we support each other if you want to join it.... (or search Health Fitness Mindset) Feel free to hit me up for advice on there if you like xx
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