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3 things to know about newborns Lock Rss

1. Your baby may be a bit funny looking at first

From 9 months inside, plus being pushed down the birth canal, babies can emerge looking a little squished. However they soon transform into the beautiful creatures you've dreamt of.

2. Your baby won't smile for the first 6 weeks

The first 6 weeks are generally considered to be the most difficult. You're exhausted from the birth, your baby doesn't know the difference between night and day and the only way they have to communicate is by crying - sometime a lot! But hang in there and by about week 6 you'll be rewarded by the cutest of smile and it just gets better from there!

3. Your baby's skin may be dry and they may also get baby acne!

Your baby's skin is in a sterile environment in the womb but once he emerges, environmental factors such as air pollution or a slight alergy to milk can cause red acne like spots on his face. Don't worry - this doesn't last long. He also may have 'cradle cap' - which is dry flakey skin on his head. Just use sorbolene or other baby approved moisturizer and it will soon go away.

What surprised you about your newborn? We'd love to hear from you!
It is very relatable. Parenthood is a full-time job, especially for the mothers. Those who are breastfeeding do not even full their sleep for a longer period of time. I also faced this situation. My daughter had the habit of waking up the whole night. it was awful. When she used to wake up she used to give me smile. It used to vanish my all anger. I think this is the beauty of motherhood.
Such an adorable forum it is. This forum is very helpful for new moms. As after the long journey of 9 months when the baby actually comes in new couples hands its complete new experience for them. First few days are very important both for parents and baby, so it is needed to share such basic knowledge for new couples. I am very happy to be part of it.
I am glad you created that forum. Good place for mommies to share their odd experiences. Mine was that my baby looked so small. He was so small that I was scared first that if he is a normal child. I was scared to hold him sometimes. His voice was like a crying bird's voice. But he started growing up. In days. He also started becoming prettier. In a couple of months, I was relaxed.
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