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No visitors for 24 hours after birth Lock Rss

I am currently 30 weeks pregnant and starting to get everything ready for hospital and the birth.

One of my main stresses at the moment is how to tell people (mainly parents) that we dont want visitors for the first 24 hours once baby is born.

My husband is only able to be home for 2 weeks when baby arrives and so we want that first 24 hours for us to bond together before we get bombarded with visitors.

What is the best way to discuss this with the parents? My mum will insist on being there as soon as baby is here, she has already stated that she will be at the hospital first thing in the morning when my SIL has her c-section, and will think that any instruction to stay away isnt applicable to her and she has the right to be there.

Thanks for your help!
It's true I faced this issue straight after my pregnancy when many of my relatives were their but expect of my husband no one was allowed at that time to meet and visit the center room. Initially, it was surprising to me but soon after I realized it is for the betterment of my recovery and my baby. It's for you, It shows how much caring was the staff. And how much they think about you. Just be normal and take care.
I know it's hard to not feel guilty of other people feelings during this time. It's a milestone for everyone that loves you guys, however you to remember this is a very important time for you and your husband. If you don't want visitors within the first 24hrs, then make it clear, everyone will have to respect your opinion. Just make sure you let them know how important this special time is with your husband and bringing this new human into the world.
And a BIG Congratulations!

wishing you all the best x
This is really a tricky situation. I also wanted to avoid visitors right after my delivery, luckily it worked for me as it was the policy of the clinic that they didn't allow visitors at least for 24 hrs post delivery. It helped me a lot to recover and was able to take plenty of rest. I hope it will work for you as well.
Hi there. I hope you are fine. I must advise you to take care allot of yourself. May your baby born in good health. Well, you are right that you want alone time with your husband. I don't think this is going to happen because no one could actually go to understand this thing. I think everyone is going to think wrong on this matter. I must tell you that just try to avoid this thing. Do not think about that. once the visitors visit you two. After that, you got all alone time. Try to use that. Well after all this it's your decision. Do whatever you think is good. I hope you feel good. Take care.
First of all congratulations! This must be the most exciting month of your entire life! The feeling of finally having your own child brings immense joy.Therefore, don't be stressed and live in the moment. I'm pretty sure you and your husband, months back thought over this beautiful moment.However, we do forget our parents in moments like these who are more worried about our health.They want to make sure that nothing goes wrong. Since they care for us it is really hard to make them understand the circumstances. Therefore, I will suggest that both you and your husband make your mother sit and have a deep conversation with her. Try to first make her understand indirectly in a way she doesn't get hurt. Tell her that she can come all the time once the delivery has taken place.Since it is at home that you need her and the relatives the most. Apart from that best of luck! Be excited! I hope the baby brings happiness to your life!
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