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Back to work casually after birth Lock Rss

Hi all,
I'm a nurse in aged care facility. I'm wondering is it okay for my body to go back to work after 4 - 5 week?
My partner also working in the same facility as me, so he'll always be there if for any reason i'm not feeling well.
It won't be full on work, maybe only few days a week during the christmas break as i'm only casual. So i don't get any paid parental leave. Partner has contract that will give him at least a month paid leave plus paid paternal leave that he will take to be with me and bub but he will be taking work during the christmas break too.
I don't want to be fully relying on his income only

So yes, back to my question, is it okay to be back to work after 4 - 5weeks?

PS : Mom and Pop will be home to take care of the bub when we're at work. Plus sis is super excited to be aunt and has offered to be baby sitter when needed smile
Dee, your concern is genuine. According to me, I would suggest that you must not go to work until 5 weeks. Because its the time of healing. The woman is in the recovery phase. So in order to retain the energy you had before pregnancy, you will have to wait until 5weeks. This is what I have bee told by elders Good luck
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