Hello first time poster, first bub due in Feb.

We have a great SIDS safe etc bassinet but while I'm getting organised I thought I'd sort a cot and the nursery.

My personal taste (apart from safe) is a timber (not white and timber) minimalistic kind of cot. If it does the two levels perfect, toddler bed even better. I saw one sold online at a very Swedish furniture story (ahem) in the area called Snigular and thought yep love it, but it doesn't seem to be something in store/stocked.

Any inspo on something similar? It's a small room, trying to keep it simple/non bulky and a wander around BB and BK, nothing stood out at me, it all was a bit traditional (again for me taste).

Or am I jumping the gun and can just do the cot shopping later and I'm stressing this side of Xmas for nothing and can after the birth.

Thank you!